Interpreting Y-DNA Test Results: Y-DNA Haplogroups - Featured Image

Interpreting Y-DNA Test Results: Y-DNA Haplogroups

Learn how Y-DNA haplogroups can be used to trace your paternal lineage, revealing your migration paths and ancestral origins.

how to change your familytreedna order - featured image

How to Change Your FamilyTreeDNA Order [FAQ]

Need to change your order? Learn what to do if you ordered a test on the wrong account, shipped a test to the wrong address, or ordered a new test that was supposed to be an upgrade.

Researching the Ancestry of Formerly-Enslaved African American Families, Part 1

Researching the Ancestry of Formerly-Enslaved African American Families, Part 1: Up to the 1870 Brick Wall

Discover expert tips, resources and strategies for tracing formerly-enslaved African American ancestors up to the 1870 brick wall.

Y-DNA Sheds New Light on the Medieval Genealogies of the Uí Briúin Dynasty of Northwest Ireland, Part 2

Continue learning how Y-DNA shed new light on the medieval genealogies of the Uí Briúin dynasty of northwest Ireland.

Are you researching the right surname-featured image

Are You Researching the Right Surname?

Wondering if you're researching the right surname? Dive into how autosomal and Y-DNA testing and genealogy records can confirm your family history and uncover ancestral origins.

What’s New in Ancient DNA and Ancient Discover Connections-Featured Image

What’s New in Ancient DNA and Ancient Discover™ Connections

Read about the latest in ancient DNA research with new insights from Mayan, Neolithic, and Late Roman periods, integrated into FamilyTreeDNA Discover.

How Autosomal DNA Testing Works-Feature Image

How Autosomal DNA Testing Works

How does autosomal DNA testing work? Read part two of our five part series on autsomal DNA.

Introducing the discover classic tree for y-dna

Introducing the Discover™ Classic Tree for Y-DNA

Learn about the Discover Classic Haplotree for Y-DNA, the newest tree from FamilyTreeDNA.

How Y-DNA Testing Works - Featured Image

How Y-DNA Testing Works

How does Y-DNA testing work? Read part two of our five part series on Y-DNA.

Granddaughter Finds Her Roots with mtDNA and Historical Records - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Granddaughter Finds Her Roots with mtDNA and Historical Records

A FamilyTreeDNA customer shares her inspiring journey of uncovering her maternal lineage using mtDNA, autosomal DNA, and Group Projects. Her research led to the remarkable discovery of a connection to one of the King's Daughters.

The Gospel According to Gene Discovering Mom’s Racial Passing in Vermont - Featured Image

The Gospel According to Gene: The Discovery of a Mom’s Racial Passing in Vermont

Jerome Narramore, FamilyTreeDNA Group Project Administrator, discovers his mother's racial passing in Vermont, leading to profound self-revelation and advocacy.

Y-DNA Sheds New Light on the Medieval Genealogies Blog PostFeatured Image

Y-DNA Sheds New Light on the Medieval Genealogies of the Uí Briúin Dynasty of Northwest Ireland, Part 1

Learn how Y-DNA has helped shed new light on the medieval genealogies of the Uí Briúin dynasty of northwest Ireland and what this new information means for genetic genealogists.

Documents and DNA: Telling the Story of Janine Cloud's Paternal Line

Documents and DNA: Telling the Story of Janine Cloud’s Paternal Line

Explore the Cloud paternal line, a tangled history of Cherokee ancestry, the Trail of Tears, and ancestry mysteries unraveled through DNA testing.

Exploring the Full Mitochondrial Genome

Exploring the Full Mitochondrial Genome: Understanding the Inheritance of Mitochondria

Read part two of our mtDNA series, and discover the unique inheritance of the mitochondrial genome and the potential insights into our ancestral origins with mtFull Sequence.

The Evolution of Names: From Patronymics to Surnames

The Evolution of Names: From Patronymics to Surnames

Learn about the types of patronymic systems and explore why patronymics were used in the first place and why standard surnames replaced them.

Unraveling the spiral a celebration of DNA Day

Unraveling the Spiral: A Celebration of DNA Day

What is DNA Day and why is it celebrated? Read the history behind this special day.

What is mtDNA? A deeper look at mitochondrial DNA and the impact on DNA testing

What is mtDNA?

What can you learn from the DNA found in the mitochondria? Read part one from a five part series on mtDNA.

What is Autosomal DNA? The key role that autosomes play in DNA testing.

What is Autosomal DNA?

Learn about what autosomal DNA is in part one of our five-part series.

What is Y-DNA Exploring the History and Significance of the Y-Chromosome - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

What is Y-DNA?

Exploring your paternal lineage uncovers a treasure trove of family history. Y-DNA testing, pioneered by FamilyTreeDNA since 2000, guides this journey. You can discover new ancestors and validate family connections by testing your Y-DNA. Learn about the evolution of Y-DNA testing and the advancements reshaping our understanding of paternal ancestry.

Multi-Marker Research A Closer Look at the Washington Family Study

Multi-Marker Research: A Closer Look at the Washington Family Study

Join us as we trade in the cherry tree legend for the fascinating task of building George Washington's family tree through advanced genetic analysis.

Revolutionary Study - New Genetic Analysis Traces George Washington's Family

Revolutionary Study: New Genetic Analysis Traces George Washington’s Family

Learn more about the recent study identifying George Washington’s family line through new genetic testing methods.

Old as Dirt Four Dating Methods Used to Assign Ages to Ancient DNA - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Old as Dirt: Four Dating Methods Used For Ancient DNA

Jim Brewster provides an overview of how dating methods work for ancient DNA samples, and what that information means for genetic genealogy.

Using Y-DNA to Discover the Scottish Connection Between Two Lineages - Group Project Administrator Series

Using Y-DNA to Discover the Scottish Connection Between Two Lineages

Susan Hedeen and Tim Duncan explain how Big Y-700 testing, a coordinated outreach effort, and several trips to Scotland helped them discover the origin of two Scottish lineages.

Tracing Enslaved Ancestors with African DNA - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Tracing Enslaved Ancestors with African DNA

Darius Brown, author of “At the Feet of the Elders: A Journey into a Lowcountry Family History” gives a glimpse into how DNA testing catalyzed his family history research and connected him from South Carolina to Africa.

Ancient Lineages A 49,000-Year-Old Branch Split Y-DNA Haplogroup E Confirmed 15 Years After Initial Discovery - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Ancient Lineages: A 49,000-Year-Old Branch Split in Y-DNA Haplogroup E Confirmed 15 Years After Initial Discovery

A customer with a Family Finder test received a Y-DNA haplogroup that led to the rediscovery of a haplogroup that was discovered 15 years ago.

RootsTech 2024 - Virtual Guide

Rootstech 2024: Your Guide to the Virtual Experience

The FamilyTreeDNA guide to RootsTech 2024, virtual! We've got a list of sessions, how to find the chat rooms, and more!

RootsTech 2024: What to expect for in person classes, booth talks, and more.

RootsTech 2024: Get Ready for Salt Lake City with FamilyTreeDNA

The FamilyTreeDNA guide to RootsTech 2024, in person! Including speakers, classes, booth info, and more!

Don’t Lose Your DNA Record Verifying Your FamilyTreeDNA Account Settings - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Don’t Lose Your DNA Record: Verifying Your FamilyTreeDNA Account Settings

Preserve your genealogical legacy on FamilyTreeDNA! Ensure lasting impact by updating contact info, adding beneficiaries, and assigning kit managers. Learn the vital steps for securing your DNA record.

Building Friendships in the Genealogy Conference Circuit - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Building Friendships in the Genealogy Conference Circuit

Dive into the heart of genealogy conferences, where passion for ancestry intertwines seamlessly with the joy of fostering enduring friendships.

The Best Gifts For a Genealogist - 2023 Holiday Gift Guide - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

The Best Gifts For a Genealogist – 2023 Holiday Guide

Discover the ideal gifts for genealogists in our 2023 Gift Guide. From DNA testing kits to personalized family history tools, find thoughtful presents that celebrate the art of unraveling family stories.

Recruit Potential Y-DNA Testers From Your Family Finder Match List

Master using Family Finder to identify potential Y-DNA matches and refine research.

Big Y Lifetime Analysis The Myth of the Manual Review - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Big Y Lifetime Analysis: The Myth of the Manual Review

All Big Y testers receive a lifetime analysis of their results. Learn more about the process of a lifetime analysis and what that means for your refined Y-DNA haplogroup.

Goth Talk: The True Origins of the Goths Revealed

A recent ancient DNA paper examining the Goths and their origins is out, but not the ones you might be thinking of.

FamilyTreeDNA October 2023 Town Hall

Recently, FamilyTreeDNA employees attended a town hall to review everything that had happened in the third quarter of 2023. So we'd like to review it with you guys as well.

Understanding Surname Spelling Variations On Your Family Line - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Understanding Surname Spelling Variations on Your Family Line

Explore our analysis on surname spelling variations, revealing the historical factors that triggered these changes, providing valuable insights to use in your genealogy research.

Connecting Past and Present: Tracing Formerly Enslaved Ancestors Through DNA Testing

Explore the intricate world of genealogy with expert Samantha Jones. Uncover DNA testing insights and trace your roots back to enslaved ancestors.

FAQ I Need Help Accessing My Kit - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

FAQ: I Need Help Accessing My Kit

Facing FamilyTreeDNA access issues? Get the assistance you need to regain control of your kit and data.

Globetrekker, Part 3 We Are Making History - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Globetrekker, Part 3: We Are Making History

The third part of the Globetrekker series reveals parallels in ancient history and DNA migrations.

The Resilient Sephardic Jewish Legacy in Hispanic Culture - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

The Resilient Sephardic Jewish Legacy in Hispanic Culture

Explore the intricate history of Sephardic Jewish heritage, the Diaspora, and its lasting influence on Hispanic culture and the Americas.

Uncovering Surname Origins Mark's Journey with FamilyTreeDNA - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Uncovering Surname Origins: Mark’s Journey with FamilyTreeDNA

Join Mark Bankston as he unravels his family's Swedish heritage, discovering surprising lineage connections. Curiosity led him to a revelation. What will your DNA reveal about your past?

Discover the Intriguing Paternal Lineage of Michael Jackson: Unraveling His Ancestral Roots

Discover the origins of the Jackson industrious spirit and paternal line as Sherman McRae delves into the King of Pop’s Big Y-700 connection.

FAQ Do I Need To Swab Again if I Upgrade My DNA Test - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

FAQ: Do I Need To Swab Again if I Upgrade My DNA Test?

You probably don't need to swab again, but if you do, make sure you're taking the right steps before upgrading your DNA test.

What’s in a Name? Six Types of Surnames You Might Find in Your Family Tree - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

What’s in a Name? Six Types of Surnames You Might Find in Your Family Tree

What do you know about where your surname comes from? Understanding surname origins can help you research the origins of your family line.

Discovering Irish Roots Paul's Success Story - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Discovering Irish Roots: Paul’s Journey with FamilyTreeDNA

Paul McMonagle made a surprising discovery about his father's lineage when he took a Y-37 test. He discovered his Irish roots, connected with Y-DNA matches, and found his place on the Tree of Mankind.

Globetrekker, Part 2 Advancing the Science of Phylogeography

Globetrekker, Part 2: Advancing the Science of Phylogeography

The second part of the Globetrekker series, focuses on how phylogeography was incorporated into the new Discover tool.

The Origins of Acadians and a Journey through French History

Roberta Estes provides a historical overview of the birth of France, the French diaspora, and the settlement and exodus of the Acadian population in Eastern Canada.

Project Admin Series Pioneering Genetic Genealogy in South-Asian Family History - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Pioneering Genetic Genealogy in South-Asian Family History

We take a dive into South-Asian genealogy with Awais Hussain, and how he has used traditional and genetic research methods to connect families and trace roots from the northern Punjab and Jammu-Kashmir region.

Introducing Y-DNA Haplogroups for Family Finder Customers

This blog is about a new feature that will be added to Family Finder in the coming weeks. Customers with existing Family Finder results will receive an email announcement when the feature is released, as well as an email notification once their haplogroup has been added to their results.

Globetrekker, Part 1: A New FamilyTreeDNA Discover™ Report That Puts Big Y on the Map

How did your paternal line ancestors trek across the globe? Find out with Globetrekker, a new FamilyTreeDNA Discover report for Big Y test users.

Unveiling New FamilyTreeDNA Discover™ Features: Explore Your Haplogroup History with Personalized Reports

Discover the latest enhancements in FamilyTreeDNA's Discover™ platform! Uncover your ancestral history with personalized reports, new Y-DNA haplogroup features, and exciting updates. Explore your heritage and connections with ease.

Effective Strategies for Contacting DNA Matches

Unlock your genetic heritage and solve genealogical puzzles by effectively contacting DNA matches.

Four Types of Group Projects You Should Join - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Four Types of Group Projects You Should Join

There are different categories of Group Projects available for testers to choose from, each with their own benefits for your research.

Unveiling the Genetic Secrets of the Caribbean Exploring Ancient DNA and Migration History - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Unveiling the Genetic Secrets of the Caribbean: Exploring Ancient DNA and Migration History

Explore the Caribbean's genetic past with ancient DNA studies that unveil settlement patterns and ancestral contributions, shaping the region's rich heritage.

How To Use Earliest Known Ancestor Updates To Improve Your Genealogy Research

Keeping your Earliest Known Ancestor information is vital to getting the most out of your DNA reports from FamilyTreeDNA.

3 Keys To Being a Group Project Administrator With FamilyTreeDNA

Becoming a Group Project Administrator can vary greatly between projects, but success boils down to three keys: time, patience, and money.

Unlock Your DNA To Achieve Precision Health and Reach Your Fitness Goals

Jeremy Balkin highlights how myDNA Wellness supported his health and wellness journey, helping him achieve his goal weight.

What One Tester Learned About Daniel Boone Through DNA Testing

Uncover Boone Day, honoring Daniel Boone's journey, the Portwood connection, and DNA revelations, tracing Katy’s 6th great-grandfather's role at Fort Boonesborough.

The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships by Jeremy Balkin - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Reflecting on the Importance of Intergenerational Relationships

Join Jeremy Balkin as he shares his view on bridging the generation gap and fostering meaningful relationships with older family members.

Family Finder Helps Reunite Jewish Family Torn Apart by Holocaust

Holocaust survivor's grandchild uses DNA testing to rediscover lost family.

Visiting My Mother at FamilyTreeDNA: A Story of Love and Genealogy

Discover how storing DNA samples at FamilyTreeDNA allowed me to reconnect with my mother and uncover new insights into my family's history.

Genealogy’s Secret Weapon: How Using mtDNA Can Solve Family Mysteries

Unlock new avenues of research with mtDNA testing and trace your direct maternal line to break down genealogical brick walls.

New Discoveries in Ancient DNA: Xiongnu, Iberia, and Deer Tooth?

Explore the latest research on ancient DNA from the Xiongnu Empire, Paleolithic Iberia, and a Central Asian deer tooth. Discover the diversity of these lineages and how they fit into your genealogical research through FamilyTreeDNA's Discover™ tool.

Tracing Our Ancestry: Celebrating African World Heritage Day

Discover the significance of African World Heritage Day, explore genealogy, DNA testing, and African DNA data analysis to connect African Americans with their cultural heritage.

Get Help Understanding Your Y-DNA Results - FamilyTreeDNA

Y-DNA: The Ultimate Course for Tracing Your Family History

Discover the power of Y-DNA for genealogy with Your DNA Guide's three-week course. Learn to analyze results, solve mysteries, and answer your burning questions.

GAP Guest Blog - The O'Shea Y-DNA Project and 20 Years of Genetic Genealogy

Group Projects for Irish Ancestry: How DNA Testing and Collaboration Have Benefited Family History Research

Learn how DNA testing and Group Projects have transformed Irish genealogy research with Margaret O’Shea-Jordan.

What Really Happens to Your DNA Sample After You Swab?

You’ve just swabbed your cheeks and sent your DNA off to FamilyTreeDNA. What happens next? Jim Brewster takes you step by step through the process.

DNA Day: Honoring Scientific Ingenuity and Pioneering Discoveries

Why do we celebrate DNA Day? Our CSR manager, Jeremy Balkin, gives his take on the holiday and what advancements in DNA mean to him.

How Can Testing Your Siblings’ DNA Help Your Genealogy Research?

Uncover more matches, mutations, and information about your genealogy by testing your siblings.

Historical Events Give Life to Your Ancient Connections Cover

The New “Events” Mini Feature in Discover

Explore the newest mini feature in Discover. Events brings context to the ancient connections on your Y-DNA line.

Three Important Takeaways From RootsTech 2023

It’s been one month since the genealogical conference ended, and we’ve learned quite a bit. Here are three things we at FamilyTreeDNA learned from RootsTech 2023.

Group Project Administration Series: Shifting Your Mindset on Genealogy

David Vance, an administrator of many groups, details a metaphor for how DNA testing can help people find the answers they're looking for in their ancestry.

Early Contributions to DNA Studies from Rosalind Franklin and Florence Bell

Jeremy Balkin explores the history of two famed women scientists whose discoveries in DNA paved the way for our current understanding.

New DNA Analysis Uncovers Mysteries Around Beethoven’s Paternal Line

A recent study of Beethoven’s hair reveals new information about his direct paternal line.

The Stumpff Lock in a laboratory at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Germany. Image credit: Anthi Tiliakou.

FamilyTreeDNA Works With Cambridge University Team To Uncover New Health and Genetic Information About Beethoven

New DNA analysis of Beethoven's hair opens new theories about the composer's health and genetics,

Managing DNA Results for Multiple People - FamilyTreeDNA

Two Ways To Manage Test Results With FamilyTreeDNA

Learn more about the different ways you can manage DNA results for someone who has tested with FamilyTreeDNA.

The Hadley Society DNA Project: 2022 in Review

Learn how the Hadley Society accomplished goals in 2022, and how their findings help guide them in 2023.

With Ötzi, That's 5,000!

FamilyTreeDNA Has Added 5,000 Ancient Connections to Our Database

With 5,000 ancient connections within our database, we are able to track ancient haplogroup migrations.

Big Y-700 Confirms African Ancestry For “Old Jock” Perkins Family

Laurie Constantino shares her journey about validating Old Jock Perkin’s african ancestry through documented research and DNA testing.

RootsTech 2023 Virtual

RootsTech 2023 Virtual: The Free Event

Are you prepared for RootsTech 2023? We’ve got your guide to all things virtual including a playlist guide and what to expect from the expo hall.

RootsTech 2023 with FamilyTreeDNA

Join FamilyTreeDNA in Person at RootsTech 2023

Check out what Gold Sponsor, FamilyTreeDNA, has in store for RootsTech 2023 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Introducing the New FTDNATiP™ Report for Y-STRs

Learn more about how the new FTDNATiP™ Report gives even more precise age predictions for your Y-DNA matches.

Group Time Tree

The Group Time Tree: A New Big Y Tool for FamilyTreeDNA Group Projects

Explore Discover’s newest feature, bringing Big Y and Group Projects together for enhanced ancestry research.

Mending the Genetic Gaps: The Importance of Y-DNA Testing for Tracing African Ancestry and Connecting People of the Diaspora

How You Can Help Mend the Genetic Gaps in African Ancestry?

Learn more about the gaps in the genetic history of African ancestry and people of the diaspora, and how you can help mend the gap.

Honest Abe

How Much Do You Know About Abraham Lincoln?

Explore this tribute to the 16th United States president in honor of his birthday this Sunday.

African Ancient DNA

What Can You Learn About Your Own Life From African Ancient DNA?

Learn more about where we all originate from, Africa, in this piece from Miguel Vilar in honor of Black History Month.

GAP Series - 20 Years as an Administrator

Group Project Administrator Series: 20 Years as an Administrator

Learn how being a Group Project Administrator can benefit your genetic genealogy journey, with Katherine Borges.

Ancient DNA Samples from Scandinavia Blog Cover (2)

How Do You Compare to New Ancient DNA From Scandinavia?

Are you connected to the samples from the new study out of Scandinavia? Take a look at each sample and discover for yourself.

Which Group Projects Should You Join?

Which Group Projects Should You Join?

You’ve gotten your results back. Now which Group Projects will be right for you? We’ve got a detailed guide of your different options.

Ancient DNA Highlights of 2022

Ancient DNA Highlights of 2022

2022 was a big year for ancient DNA. Here’s a summary of some of the important discoveries.

Ode to Group Project Administrators

Ode to Group Project Administrators

Join us in recognizing the Group Project Administrators and the work they do for FamilyTreeDNA with this piece by Jeremy Balkin.

Group Project Administrator Series: Every Day Is Different

Experience what it is like to be a Group Project Administrator from the perspective of Martin McDonald, an administrator from North of Ireland.

Testing Your Roots Featured Image

Testing Your Roots

For National Roots Day, follow along as Jim Brewster explains the importance of DNA testing when it comes to documenting your roots.

Hanukkah, O Hanukkah

Get ready for Hanukkah with Jeremy Balkin, our Customer Service Manager.

Top 17 Genetic Genealogy Books

Top 17 Genetic Genealogy Books To Add to Your Wish List

Explore a curated list of genetic genealogy books to add to your gift or wish list.

Ode to my Grandma Blog Cover (1)

Family Stories: Ode to My Grandma

In honor of National Roots Day coming up on Dec 23rd, we invite you to read this touching memoir written by a grandson to his grandmother.

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

If you’re unsure which test to order for friends and family, FamilyTreeDNA's holiday gift guide will help clear up the confusion.

Discover Your Ancestral Path

Discover Your Ancestral Path

Discover how FamilyTreeDNA Discover's newest tool can help you learn more about where your ancestors came from.

How to Use DNA Testing to Uncover Your Native American Ancestry

Learn how to use DNA testing and family history to determine your Native American ancestry.

The Role of DNA in Reuniting Families

The Role of DNA in Reuniting Families

Hear from 325Kamra about how they use DNA to reunite Korean families separated by adoption and how you can help.

13 Steps to Find Your Native American Ancestors Blog Cover

13 Steps To Help Find Your Native American Ancestors

Learn how testing your DNA can help you determine who in your family has Native American ancestry.

Genes and Screams: Spooky Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 3

Do you feel the power of the moonlight? Does it sound like fun to dance in the forest? You might be related to a witch.

Unveiling the Power of Big Y-700: Unraveling the Journey and Advantages

Take a look at the origins of the Big Y-700 test and its emergence as the world's most comprehensive Y-DNA test.

Genes and Screams: Spooky Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 2: Vampires

Garlic and holy water may have kept people safe when a vampire was near, but how do you keep safe when one appears in your family tree?

Ancient Britain - Two New Archaeogenetics Papers Dig Deeper into British Prehistory

Two New Archaeogenetics Papers Dig Deeper into British Prehistory

The Prehistoric Age in Britain is explored with two new papers published about ancient DNA in the British Isles.

Genes and Screams: Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 1: Mummies

Take a look at real mummies and how they influence our genetics and spooky traditions as part of our Halloween series, Genes and Screams.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2022: Origins and Celebrations

Celebrations for Indigenous Peoples' Day are relatively new, but the holiday's history dates back centuries.

Hispanic Genetics: What are the origins and trends?

Hispanic Genetics: What Are the Origins and Trends?

A look at the history and origins of Hispanic genetics and other resources for those with Hispanic ancestry who are looking to learn more.

September 2022 in Review

September 2022 in Review

We were able to add over 1,000 branches to the Y-DNA Haplotree in September across all haplogroups.

Eurasia’s Southern Arc Has History Uncovered in New Study

Eurasia’s Southern Arc Has History Uncovered in New Study

New information regarding migration patterns and aDNA emerges from the Southern Arc, providing new information about Y-DNA haplogroups.

A Deeper Dive Into Age Estimates: The Scientific Details of the updated TMRCA Age Estimates

Scientific Details: A Deeper Dive Into Age Estimates

Researchers at FamilyTreeDNA go deeper into the methods they used to update their latest release of the TMRCA age estimates they use.

Time Tree: A New Discover Feature

Time Tree: A New Discover Feature

The Time Tree puts ancient DNA, notable connections, current testers, and the TMRCA age estimates into a single view for you to explore.

An Unknown Lineage Found For James Webb and Edwin Hubble

Unraveling the Webb and Hubble Lineage through DNA Testing

With FamilyTreeDNA Discover, we uncovered a connection between James Webb and Edwin Hubble that goes beyond telescopes.

FamilyTreeDNA Enhances TMRCA Estimates for Improved Family History Research

FamilyTreeDNA has made updates to the TMRCA (Time to Most Recent Common Ancestor) that will improve age estimates in the Tree of Humankind.

Unlocking Our Ancestry: The Fascinating Science of Ancient DNA Analysis

Explore ancient DNA analysis! Discover the newest techniques, theories, and discoveries that are shaping the field and driving it forward.

FamilyTreeDNA Discover™

Introducing FamilyTreeDNA Discover™

FamilyTreeDNA is taking paternal DNA testing to a whole new level. Discover fun facts and connections through the magic of the Y chromosome.

A 100,000-Year-Old Human Lineage Rediscovered Blog

A 100,000-Year-Old Human Lineage Rediscovered

The Million Mito Project Team from FamilyTreeDNA recently discovered an ancient lineage from Eastern Africa through mitochondrial DNA.

Newly-identified Male Lineage May Reshape the Story of the First Americans

Revolutionary Discovery: Male Lineage Alters First Americans’ History

An Oregon man discovers his Y-DNA is shared with an ancient man, whose remains were found in Nevada’s Lovelock cave.

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This Thursday through Saturday, March 3-5, visit FamilyTreeDNA's virtual booth at RootsTech 2022!

FamilyTreeDNA Y-DNA haplotree summary graph 2018-2021

Y-DNA Haplotree Reaches 50,000 Branches, a Milestone for Genealogy

There are now more than 50,000 branches on the Family Tree of Mankind, a milestone in the history of Y-chromosome testing. See how we did it!

New Feature: myOrigins Chromosome Painter for Family Finder

The Chromosome Painter feature helps you explore your Family Finder myOrigins results in a new way! Learn more.

Family Finder Matching 5.0 White Paper

Read FamilyTreeDNA's Family Finder Matching 5.0 White Paper to learn more about the Autosomal Matching Algorhithms.

Videos: myOrigins 3.0 Explained

FamilyTreeDNA's Populations Geneticist, Paul Maier, breaks down myOrigins 3.0 in this three-part video series.

myOrigins 3.0 White Paper

Read FamilyTreeDNA's myOrigins 3.0 White Paper to learn more about the new Family Finder population percentages.

Updates To Family Finder, Featuring Improved Matching And A Soon To Be Released Chromosome Painter

FamilyTreeDNA announces improvements to the Family Finder matching system and new Chromosome Painter.

New Y-DNA matches

Improvements To The Y-DNA Matches Page

FamilyTreeDNA is excited to announce the new and improved Y-DNA Matches page.

The New FamilyTreeDNA Help Center

The new FamilylTreeDNA Help Center has launched!

Join the million mito project and contribute to the tree of womankind

Join The Million Mito Project

Join The Million Mito Project, and be a part of growing the tree of womankind.

Join Us Virtually At RootsTech 2021…it’s FREE!

This Wednesday through Saturday, February 24-27, visit FamilyTreeDNA's virtual booth at RootsTech 2021!

2020 Review Of Big Y

The Big Y-700 product upgrade that was announced in the start of 2020 has proven to be a great success. Learn More.

myOrigins 3.0 Is Here!

FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) is excited to bring you myOrigins 3.0 which includes 60+ new populations!

Come See Us At RootsTech 2020

This Wednesday through Saturday, February 26-29, FamilyTreeDNA will be at RootsTech 2020 in Salt Lake City! Come see us!

2019 Review Of Big Y

The Big Y-700 product upgrade that was announced in the start of 2019 has proven to be a great success. Learn More.

Y-DNA testing: It’s Not Just For Men!

As females, we sometimes overlook or dismiss Y-DNA testing, however, there are many genetic genealogy benefits gained from getting your father, brother, uncle, cousin, grandfather, or so on to take a Y-DNA test for you. Learn more.

New Product: mtDNA Journey Videos For mtFull Sequence

We're very excited to release a personalized video for absolutely everybody in our system who has tested to the mtFull Sequence level!

Big Y-700: The Forefront of Y Chromosome Testing

Our recently released Big Y-700 test provides even greater coverage of the Y chromosome. This allows us to detect even more mutations. As a result, all branches of the great tree of mankind are becoming further refined.

Understanding Your Ancestral Origins

Genealogy is detective work. If all of the answers were just given to you, there wouldn't be any interest or excitement left over.

Tested With Another Company? Upload Your Data For Free!

You're sitting on a mountain of discovery and may not even know it. Have you tested with AncestryDNA™, 23andMe©, or MyHeritage™? If the answer is yes, you're eligible to upload your results to FamilyTreeDNA for free!

Big Y-700 White Paper

The science behind FamilyTreeDNA's Big Y-700 test

Press Release: Helping Connect The Dots

In 2000, when Bennett Greenspan, President and Founder of Gene-by-Gene Ltd. and FamilyTreeDNA, launched FamilyTreeDNA as the first direct-to-consumer DNA testing company, he never imagined that it would lead to the creation of a booming industry.

That Holiday Feeling

The Winter holidays, for me, seem like the only time of year when everything feels different. When I feel that cool air, I also sense the nostalgia of winters past.

Why DNA?

Genetic genealogy is an anomaly. It combines one of the oldest practices of humanity with one of the newest.

A Single Story

Genetic genealogy is still a brand new thing. We are all unknowingly mapping out a singular story for all of us.

Tips for Giving Thanks

This year, if you find yourself at an awkward Thanksgiving Dinner, it can be helpful to understand how family/friends/loved ones are all connected to you. Family is often about fitting into a complex puzzle, and our differences are more reason to connect even more.

Family Finder: Who Should Take This Test?

Family Finder is our top-selling DNA kit, ideal for exploring ethnic origins and ancestry. Both males and females can test their autosomal DNA, so this kit is excellent for anyone interested in genetic genealogy—the use of DNA testing to find genetic matches and unlock family history.

Should I Join A Group Project?

A Group Project is a collaborative way for people to work together using their FamilyTreeDNA test results to explore and compare common genetic heritage.

Jeff’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Jeff and his brother both decided to take a DNA test, and that's when Jeff's FamilyTreeDNA story begins to reveal some surprises.

Ivy’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

When Ivy was 20 years old, her mother told her that she was conceived through a hospital-run sperm donor program in New York.

Sandy’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Sandy and Joe welcomed a new son into their lives. He was 30 years old and discovered through FamilyTreeDNA that Joe was the father he'd been searching for.

Juliet’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Juliet grew up not knowing anything about her heritage. All she knew was that she was Caucasian.

Ken’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Ken's children gave him a DNA kit for Father’s Day. He had been searching for his father. When he received the test results, he got the shock of his life.

Patricia M’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Patricia always knew that her great-grandmother, Bridget Lohan, had been born in Ireland in the 1800s.  But that was all the information she had.

Donna B’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Because Donna was adopted, she wanted to learn more about her family history. What came back was completely unexpected.

Simmone’s FamilyTreeDNA story

Simmone had the idea to get her father tested to try and find more of his relatives. Perhaps more family members had made it out of North Korea. When she uploaded her father’s results to FamilyTreeDNA, she was surprised

Mikal’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Mikal was searching for her heritage. Little did she know, she would uncover something completely unexpected on her father’s side...and it wasn't her origins.

Cindy & Christian’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Read the story of Cindy and her son Christian and their journey with FamilyTreeDNA.

Jeri’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Then, Jim’s daughter Mikal called. Through FamilyTreeDNA, she’d found a sister no one knew about. Jim had another daughter. But she was in Vietnam.

Elyese’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Elyese never felt like she belonged anywhere. She never felt like she really knew who she was...

Donna G’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Donna thought she knew everything about her family but that all changed when she got an email...

What is Genetic Genealogy Anyway?

Genetic genealogy is the use of DNA testing to determine relationships between individuals, find genetic matches and discover one’s ancestry.

Hello Journey Seekers!

We're not just genetics. We're not even just genetic genealogy. We are a family. We are FamilyTreeDNA...