New DNA Analysis Uncovers Mysteries Around Beethoven’s Paternal Line

A recent study of Beethoven’s hair reveals new information about his direct paternal line.

Big Y-700 DNA Testing Breaks Down Brick Walls in Family with African Ancestry

Big Y-700 DNA Testing Breaks Down Brick Walls in Family with African Ancestry

Laurie Constantino shares her journey about validating Old Jock Perkin’s african ancestry through documented research and DNA testing.

Mending the Genetic Gaps: The Importance of Y-DNA Testing for Tracing African Ancestry and Connecting People of the Diaspora

How You Can Help Mend the Genetic Gaps in African Ancestry?

Learn more about the gaps in the genetic history of African ancestry and people of the diaspora, and how you can help mend the gap.

Which Group Projects Should You Join?

Which Group Projects Should You Join?

You’ve gotten your results back. Now which Group Projects will be right for you? We’ve got a detailed guide of your different options.

Testing Your Roots Featured Image

Testing Your Roots

For National Roots Day, follow along as Jim Brewster explains the importance of DNA testing when it comes to documenting your roots.

Hanukkah, O Hanukkah

Get ready for Hanukkah with Jeremy Balkin, our Customer Service Manager.

Top 17 Genetic Genealogy Books

Top 17 Genetic Genealogy Books To Add to Your Wish List

Explore a curated list of genetic genealogy books to add to your gift or wish list.

How to Use DNA Testing to Uncover Your Native American Ancestry

Learn how to use DNA testing and family history to determine your Native American ancestry.

Hispanic Genetics: What are the origins and trends?

Hispanic Genetics: What Are the Origins and Trends?

A look at the history and origins of Hispanic genetics and other resources for those with Hispanic ancestry who are looking to learn more.

The map shows the migration of the different mitochondrial haplogroups across Africa

A 100,000-Year-Old Human Lineage Rediscovered

The Million Mito Project Team from FamilyTreeDNA recently discovered an ancient lineage from Eastern Africa through mitochondrial DNA.