Jeff’s FamilyTreeDNA Story: Was it the milkman?

Jeff was teased all his life about being the milkman’s son since he didn’t look like anyone in his family. He couldn’t help but wonder if there might be something to it. When he grew up, he decided to find out for himself. So, he and his brother took a DNA test, and Jeff’s FamilyTreeDNA story began to reveal some surprises.

Jeff (on the right) and the half-brother he was raised with.

Jeff Finds DNA Matches

The results confirmed that, while they shared the same biological mother, the brothers did not share the same father. The man who raised Jeff, was not his biological dad. In an effort to find his father, Jeff submitted his DNA to another testing company but without any luck. Then, he decided to upload his results to FamilyTreeDNA, where he instantly matched with a sister and an uncle on his paternal side. When Jeff’s half-sister, Julie, first saw his picture online she says he looked “exactly like my father.”

Within minutes, the two were corresponding. Jeff soon learned that he actually had two sisters with whom he shared the same birth father. He flew to Southern California to meet them, and the three quickly bonded during their first meeting. Jeff was a dead ringer for their father. Not only that, the three discovered that they’d grown up living just a few miles from each other in their early lives.

Jeff’s FamilyTreeDNA Story Reveals More

The fact that there was an unknown brother didn’t surprise Julie. She’d known that her father had given up a child for adoption when his high school girlfriend became pregnant and gave birth. The problem was that Jeff wasn’t adopted, and the timing of his birth didn’t match, which meant there was still another brother out there. The mystery lasted until last summer, when the daughters of an adoptee named Brandon encouraged him to submit his DNA for testing.

Jeff today.

Brandon noticed he had a close match with a familiar-looking guy wearing a USC cap. It was Jeff — and the family resemblance was obvious at first glance. The two discovered that not only were they half-brothers, they had attended the same college at the same time, they are both vintage car buffs, and big USC football fans involved in alumni activities.

Jeff (top left) and his new half-siblings

Now, their family is complete, and they plan on making up for lost time. While Jeff has yet to meet his birth father, he is happy to have found his siblings, and is thankful to his dad for the great genes he gave him.