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What is Y-DNA?

Exploring your paternal lineage uncovers a treasure trove of family history. Y-DNA testing, pioneered by FamilyTreeDNA since 2000, guides this journey. You can discover new ancestors and validate family connections by testing your Y-DNA. Learn about the evolution of Y-DNA testing and the advancements reshaping our understanding of paternal ancestry.

Using Y-DNA to Discover the Scottish Connection Between Two Lineages - Group Project Administrator Series

Using Y-DNA to Discover the Scottish Connection Between Two Lineages

Susan Hedeen and Tim Duncan explain how Big Y-700 testing, a coordinated outreach effort, and several trips to Scotland helped them discover the origin of two Scottish lineages.

Big Y Lifetime Analysis The Myth of the Manual Review - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Big Y Lifetime Analysis: The Myth of the Manual Review

All Big Y testers receive a lifetime analysis of their results. Learn more about the process of a lifetime analysis and what that means for your refined Y-DNA haplogroup.

GAP Guest Blog - The O'Shea Y-DNA Project and 20 Years of Genetic Genealogy

Group Projects for Irish Ancestry: How DNA Testing and Collaboration Have Benefited Family History Research

Learn how DNA testing and Group Projects have transformed Irish genealogy research with Margaret O’Shea-Jordan.

Big Y-700 Confirms African Ancestry For “Old Jock” Perkins Family

Laurie Constantino shares her journey about validating Old Jock Perkin’s african ancestry through documented research and DNA testing.


Introducing the New FTDNATiP™ Report for Y-STRs

Learn more about how the new FTDNATiP™ Report gives even more precise age predictions for your Y-DNA matches.

Group Time Tree

The Group Time Tree: A New Big Y Tool for FamilyTreeDNA Group Projects

Explore Discover’s newest feature, bringing Big Y and Group Projects together for enhanced ancestry research.

Mending the Genetic Gaps: The Importance of Y-DNA Testing for Tracing African Ancestry and Connecting People of the Diaspora

How You Can Help Mend the Genetic Gaps in African Ancestry?

Learn more about the gaps in the genetic history of African ancestry and people of the diaspora, and how you can help mend the gap.

Ancient DNA Samples from Scandinavia Blog Cover (2)

How Do You Compare to New Ancient DNA From Scandinavia?

Are you connected to the samples from the new study out of Scandinavia? Take a look at each sample and discover for yourself.

Unveiling the Power of Big Y-700: Unraveling the Journey and Advantages

Take a look at the origins of the Big Y-700 test and its emergence as the world's most comprehensive Y-DNA test.