Documents and DNA: Telling the Story of Janine Cloud's Paternal Line

Documents and DNA: Telling the Story of Janine Cloud’s Paternal Line

Explore the Cloud paternal line, a tangled history of Cherokee ancestry, the Trail of Tears, and ancestry mysteries unraveled through DNA testing.

With Ötzi, That's 5,000!

FamilyTreeDNA Has Added 5,000 Ancient Connections to Our Database

With 5,000 ancient connections within our database, we are able to track ancient haplogroup migrations.

How to Use DNA Testing to Uncover Your Native American Ancestry

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13 Steps To Help Find Your Native American Ancestors

Learn how testing your DNA can help you determine who in your family has Native American ancestry.

Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2022: Origins and Celebrations

Celebrations for Indigenous Peoples' Day are relatively new, but the holiday's history dates back centuries.

Newly-identified Male Lineage May Reshape the Story of the First Americans

Revolutionary Discovery: Male Lineage Alters First Americans’ History

An Oregon man discovers his Y-DNA is shared with an ancient man, whose remains were found in Nevada’s Lovelock cave.