Juliet’s FamilyTreeDNA Story of Discovery

Juliet grew up not knowing anything about her heritage. All she really knew was that she was Caucasian. She grew up without her father around, and had never seen her grandparents, even in a photograph. When she took the FamilyTreeDNA test, her entire world changed.

Suddenly, she had cousins and uncles. She found a picture of her great-grandmother. She even discovered her Greek and Scandinavian ancestors. She got in touch with an uncle and encouraged him to take a test with FamilyTreeDNA. Eventually, he uncovered a picture of his parents and sent it to Juliet. That’s when Juliet’s FamilyTreeDNA story started to make sense. When she saw her grandmother’s photo, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

Juliet’s Ghost Twin

Juliet said it was like looking at a ghost, she was practically her grandmother’s twin! When she showed her 32-year old daughter the picture, her response was, “Where did you get those clothes? And who is that man with you?” “This is so much fun,” says Juliet, “it’s like putting together a puzzle, and it never ends. I have learned so much about my family and the history of the countries they came from. I am actually smarter about the world than I was before I started all of this.” In fact, Juliet has become the family historian for her father’s family and made sure everyone tested their DNA.

Although she sadly lost her daughter to cancer this past March, Juliet’s FamilyTreeDNA story has a happy ending. She says that her family’s DNA journey and discoveries have given her something wonderful to look forward to each and every day.