Managing DNA Results for Multiple People - FamilyTreeDNA

Two Ways To Manage Test Results With FamilyTreeDNA

Learn more about the different ways you can manage DNA results for someone who has tested with FamilyTreeDNA.

Which Group Projects Should You Join?

Which Group Projects Should You Join?

You’ve gotten your results back. Now which Group Projects will be right for you? We’ve got a detailed guide of your different options.

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

If you’re unsure which test to order for friends and family, FamilyTreeDNA's holiday gift guide will help clear up the confusion.

Why Big Y-700?

Take a look back at the origins of the Big Y-700 test and its emergence as the world's most comprehensive Y-DNA test.

New Feature: myOrigins Chromosome Painter for Family Finder

The Chromosome Painter feature helps you explore your Family Finder myOrigins results in a new way! Learn more.

Updates To Family Finder, Featuring Improved Matching And A Soon To Be Released Chromosome Painter

FamilyTreeDNA announces improvements to the Family Finder matching system and new Chromosome Painter.

myOrigins 3.0 Is Here!

FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA) is excited to bring you myOrigins 3.0 which includes 60+ new populations!

New Product: mtDNA Journey Videos For mtFull Sequence

We're very excited to release a personalized video for absolutely everybody in our system who has tested to the mtFull Sequence level!

Big Y-700: The Forefront of Y Chromosome Testing

Our recently released Big Y-700 test provides even greater coverage of the Y chromosome. This allows us to detect even more mutations. As a result, all branches of the great tree of mankind are becoming further refined.