RootsTech is getting bigger this year with the combination of in-person and virtual experiences. We’ve got all the details about the virtual expo hall and on-demand sessions.

You can find information about available sessions at the end of the article.

For two years, RootsTech has been held virtually. This year, RootsTech is combining the in-person experience with the more recent online one. Previously, we’ve mentioned what you can expect from the in-person blog. Now let’s talk about the completely free, virtual RootsTech 2023.

The Expo Hall

RootsTech 2023 Virtual Expo Hall

RootsTech’s virtual Expo Hall will offer all of the same excitement as the in-person conference. You can find on-demand sessions, live webinars, and sponsor booths. Sponsor booths, like ours, will have product demos and downloadable handouts.

Virtual booths also have a “chat” feature that gives you the opportunity to chat with a team member from the sponsoring company. The FamilyTreeDNA chat feature will be staffed almost 24 hours a day, giving you the opportunity to ask your questions in any timezone.

The expo hall, including the chat feature, will open up on March 1 at 4:00 PM MST.

Relatives at RootsTech

Relatives at RootsTech

RootsTech Virtual allows you to connect with other conference attendees and possibly add them to your family tree with Relatives at RootsTech. Try it anywhere by comparing your last name with someone else’s. FamilySearch will compare your last names and see if you share any cousins in the worldwide shared tree with over 100,000 participants!

Virtual Booth Promotions

The FamilyTreeDNA Virtual Booth will be packed this year, including on-demand and live sessions, the chat feature, and downloadable content. Our virtual booth will also be home to product promotions only available to RootsTech attendees! And, since the virtual experience is completely free, make sure you register!

Your Virtual RootsTech 2023 Playlist

RootsTech 2023 Virtual Playlist

Make sure you add our on-demand sessions to your playlist! You can also find great sessions about DNA from friends of FamilyTreeDNA, like “Texas Connect 2023” with Michele Belville Bailey.

You can browse the video library with topics like DNA, Getting Started, and Research Methods. You can also look for regional-specific pages like Sub-Saharan Africa, the Pacific Area, the Philippines, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

RootsTech 2023 Virtual On-Demand Library

Or if you have a specific topic or key phrase you’re looking for more information on, you can search for it. Narrow down your search by content type, language, speaker, or even what year the content was first presented at RootsTech.

Similar to last year, all videos from RootsTech 2023 will be accessible after the conference for you to reference until December 2023. We will also have them available on YouTube.

As of now, the 2022 RootsTech videos have been archived, but we are working on getting them on our YouTube channel. We will let you know when they are available.

Live Demo: Just In Time for Group Projects! Introducing the FamilyTreeDNA Discover Group Time Tree”

Friday, March 3 at 1:30 PM MST
Presenter: Jim Brewster
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The FamilyTreeDNA Discover tool lets you bring your genetic story to life in new and exciting ways. This tool has been expanded to include group projects with an exciting new way to visualize connections within a group project.

Journey with Jim Brewster as we explore the Group Time Tree to instantly recognize common ancestry like never before.

Note: This live demo has a maximum number of 3,000 viewers. Viewing is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Y-DNA Analysis: The Fault in Our STRs

Presenter: Jim Brewster
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Gain a better understanding of how DNA mutations work, what STR values mean, and what Genetic Distance actually tells us.

mtDNA: Mitochondrial DNA Mutations

Presenter: Jim Brewster
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Gain a better understanding of what mtDNA is, how it differs from other DNA results, and what it tells us.

Examining Success in DNA

Presenter: Janine Cloud
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How do you define success with DNA testing? What does it look like? See examples of success with autosomal DNA, mtDNA, and Y-DNA.

Product Demos

Don’t miss out on some of our most in-depth product demos to give you a better understanding of how to optimize your use of FamilyTreeDNA products and features.

+ add to playlist Y-DNA Big Y: A Lifetime Analysis
+ add to playlist DNA Group Projects: Why You Should Join and How They Help
+ add to playlist Mitochondrial DNA: mtDNA vs X DNA
+ add to playlist Y-DNA: How To Read the Y-DNA Haplotree
+ add to playlist Y-DNA: How SNPs Are Added to the Y-DNA Haplotree
+ add to playlist mtDNA: mtDNA Haplogroups and the mtDNA Haplotree
+ add to playlist Mitochondrial DNA: rCRS vs RSRS
+ add to playlist Discover™: Exploring the new beta feature from FamilyTreeDNA
+ add to playlist DNA Upload: How to Transfer Your Autosomal DNA Data

Live Sessions: Streaming

This year, you will be able to see all of our in-person sessions through the RootsTech website as well. So make sure to add them to your playlist:

+ add to playlist FamilyTreeDNA | Sponsor Highlight
+ add to playlist Y-DNA: An Overview of Your Results
+ add to playlist Let’s Play Connect Forefathers!

To manage your playlist, gain access to promotion codes, and connection with others, make sure you register FOR FREE today!