Discover Your Ancestral Path

Discover how FamilyTreeDNA Discover's newest tool can help you learn more about where your ancestors came from.

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How to Use DNA Testing to Uncover Your Native American Ancestry

Learn how to use DNA testing and family history to determine your Native American ancestry.

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The Role of DNA in Reuniting Families

Hear from 325Kamra about how they use DNA to reunite Korean families separated by adoption and how you can help.

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Genes and Screams: Spooky Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 3

Do you feel the power of the moonlight? Does it sound like fun to dance in the forest? You might be related to a witch.

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Why Big Y-700?

Take a look back at the origins of the Big Y-700 test and its emergence as the world's most comprehensive Y-DNA test.

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Genes and Screams: Spooky Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 2: Vampires

Garlic and holy water may have kept people safe when a vampire was near, but how do you keep safe when one appears in your family tree?

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Two New Archaeogenetics Papers Dig Deeper into British Prehistory

The Prehistoric Age in Britain is explored with two new papers published about ancient DNA in the British Isles.

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Genes and Screams: Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 1

Take a look at real mummies and how they influence our genetics and spooky traditions as part of our Halloween series, Genes and Screams.

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2022: Origins and Celebrations

Celebrations for Indigenous Peoples' Day are relatively new, but the holiday's history dates back centuries.

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Hispanic Genetics: What Are the Origins and Trends?

A look at the history and origins of Hispanic genetics and other resources for those with Hispanic ancestry who are looking to learn more.

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