Tracing Enslaved Ancestors with African DNA

Darius Brown, author of “At the Feet of the Elders: A Journey into a Lowcountry Family History” gives a glimpse into how DNA testing catalyzed his family history research and…

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Ancient Lineages: A 49,000-Year-Old Branch Split in Y-DNA Haplogroup E Confirmed 15 Years After Initial Discovery

A customer with a Family Finder test received a Y-DNA haplogroup that led to the rediscovery of a haplogroup that was discovered 15 years ago.

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Rootstech 2024: Your Guide to the Virtual Experience

The FamilyTreeDNA guide to RootsTech 2024, virtual! We've got a list of sessions, how to find the chat rooms, and more!

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RootsTech 2024: Get Ready for Salt Lake City with FamilyTreeDNA

The FamilyTreeDNA guide to RootsTech 2024, in person! Including speakers, classes, booth info, and more!

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Don’t Lose Your DNA Record: Verifying Your FamilyTreeDNA Account Settings

Preserve your genealogical legacy on FamilyTreeDNA! Ensure lasting impact by updating contact info, adding beneficiaries, and assigning kit managers. Learn the vital steps for…

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Building Friendships in the Genealogy Conference Circuit

Dive into the heart of genealogy conferences, where passion for ancestry intertwines seamlessly with the joy of fostering enduring friendships.

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The Best Gifts For a Genealogist – 2023 Holiday Guide

Discover the ideal gifts for genealogists in our 2023 Gift Guide. From DNA testing kits to personalized family history tools, find thoughtful presents that celebrate the art of…

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Recruit Potential Y-DNA Testers From Your Family Finder Match List

Master using Family Finder to identify potential Y-DNA matches and refine research.

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Big Y Lifetime Analysis: The Myth of the Manual Review

All Big Y testers receive a lifetime analysis of their results. Learn more about the process of a lifetime analysis and what that means for your refined Y-DNA haplogroup.

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FamilyTreeDNA October 2023 Town Hall

Recently, FamilyTreeDNA employees attended a town hall to review everything that had happened in the third quarter of 2023. So we'd like to review it with you guys as well.

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