Uncovering Surname Origins: Mark’s Journey with FamilyTreeDNA

Join Mark Bankston as he unravels his family's Swedish heritage, discovering surprising lineage connections. Curiosity led him to a revelation. What will your DNA reveal about…

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Discover the Intriguing Paternal Lineage of Michael Jackson: Unraveling His Ancestral Roots

Discover the origins of the Jackson industrious spirit and paternal line as Sherman McRae delves into the King of Pop’s Big Y-700 connection.

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FAQ: Do I Need To Swab Again if I Upgrade My DNA Test?

You probably don't need to swab again, but if you do, make sure you're taking the right steps before upgrading your DNA test.

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What’s in a Name? Six Types of Surnames You Might Find in Your Family Tree

What do you know about where your surname comes from? Understanding surname origins can help you research the origins of your family line.

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Discovering Irish Roots: Paul’s Journey with FamilyTreeDNA

Paul McMonagle made a surprising discovery about his father's lineage when he took a Y-37 test. He discovered his Irish roots, connected with Y-DNA matches, and found his place on…

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Globetrekker, Part 2: Advancing the Science of Phylogeography

The second part of the Globetrekker series, focuses on how phylogeography was incorporated into the new Discover tool.

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The Origins of Acadians and a Journey through French History

Roberta Estes provides a historical overview of the birth of France, the French diaspora, and the settlement and exodus of the Acadian population in Eastern Canada.

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Pioneering Genetic Genealogy in South-Asian Family History

We take a dive into South-Asian genealogy with Awais Hussain, and how he has used traditional and genetic research methods to connect families and trace roots from the northern…

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Introducing Y-DNA Haplogroups for Family Finder Customers

This blog is about a new feature that will be added to Family Finder in the coming weeks. Customers with existing Family Finder results will receive an email announcement when the…

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Unveiling New FamilyTreeDNA Discover™ Features: Explore Your Haplogroup History with Personalized Reports

Discover the latest enhancements in FamilyTreeDNA's Discover™ platform! Uncover your ancestral history with personalized reports, new Y-DNA haplogroup features, and exciting…

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