Unveiling the Genetic Secrets of the Caribbean: Exploring Ancient DNA and Migration History

Explore the Caribbean's genetic past with ancient DNA studies that unveil settlement patterns and ancestral contributions, shaping the region's rich heritage.

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How To Use Earliest Known Ancestor Updates To Improve Your Genealogy Research

Keeping your Earliest Known Ancestor information is vital to getting the most out of your DNA reports from FamilyTreeDNA.

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3 Keys To Being a Group Project Administrator With FamilyTreeDNA

Becoming a Group Project Administrator can vary greatly between projects, but success boils down to three keys: time, patience, and money.

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Unlock Your DNA To Achieve Precision Health and Reach Your Fitness Goals

Jeremy Balkin highlights how myDNA Wellness supported his health and wellness journey, helping him achieve his goal weight.

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What One Tester Learned About Daniel Boone Through DNA Testing

Uncover Boone Day, honoring Daniel Boone's journey, the Portwood connection, and DNA revelations, tracing Katy’s 6th great-grandfather's role at Fort Boonesborough.

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Reflecting on the Importance of Intergenerational Relationships

Join Jeremy Balkin as he shares his view on bridging the generation gap and fostering meaningful relationships with older family members.

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Family Finder Helps Reunite Jewish Family Torn Apart by Holocaust

Holocaust survivor's grandchild uses DNA testing to rediscover lost family.

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Visiting My Mother at FamilyTreeDNA: A Story of Love and Genealogy

Discover how storing DNA samples at FamilyTreeDNA allowed me to reconnect with my mother and uncover new insights into my family's history.

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Genealogy’s Secret Weapon: How Using mtDNA Can Solve Family Mysteries

Unlock new avenues of research with mtDNA testing and trace your direct maternal line to break down genealogical brick walls.

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New Discoveries in Ancient DNA: Xiongnu, Iberia, and Deer Tooth?

Explore the latest research on ancient DNA from the Xiongnu Empire, Paleolithic Iberia, and a Central Asian deer tooth. Discover the diversity of these lineages and how they fit…

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