Out With The Old Learning Center, And In With The New Help Center!

Together with the Family Finder Matching Updates, and the Y-DNA Matching Updates, we’ve also released a brand new learning center that will be referred to as the Help Center.

The full migration of the Learning Center to the new Help Center is set to be completed in September (2021).

The New Look

The new FamilyTreeDNA Help Center is easier to navigate and includes new and improved content and features. These new features and improvements include:

  • Easy navigation throughout the Help Center using the side navigation and Article table of contents
  • Ability to print Help Center Articles
  • Find answers quickly using the updated searching tools
  • Videos explaining how to navigate the platform and how to interpret your results
  • Submit Feedback on Articles so we can continue to improve the information we give you
  • Translate Articles to other languages (coming soon)
  • Forums integration (coming soon)
The New FamilyTreeDNA Help Center

Faster Access To The Information You Need

We’ve also added tons of tooltips throughout the platform and on reports and direct links to specific Help Center topics throughout the platform. Stuck on a report and need some help? Click “Help” at the top right side of the page, then click “Help Center” to go to a page in the Help Center related to the topic you are having trouble with. The goal is to give you faster access to the information you are looking for.