The New Y-DNA Matches Page

Together with the Family Finder Matching Updates, we are happy to present the new and improved Y-DNA Matches page. You will have access to this page if you have received test results from any of the Paternal Ancestry tests from FamilyTreeDNA, such as the Y-37 or Y-111 marker tests or the Big Y test (which includes the Y-111 test).

Matches are an essential feature for any genealogist using Y-DNA to trace their paternal line ancestry. They show you who you are genetically related to on your direct paternal line, eliminating guesswork in discovering all the ancestral lines you are connected to. Your matches may provide vital clues about who that elusive great great great grandfather was and where he came from, maybe even giving a new history to your surname.

The FamilyTreeDNA Y-DNA matching database is the largest in the world, with over half a million Y-STR profiles spanning 20 years of testing history. The database goes all the way back to the 12 marker test, which has been sold since the year 2000, when FamilyTreeDNA was founded, up until the high-resolution Big Y test that just crossed the 60,000 tester mark.

The New Look

The first thing you will notice about the Y-DNA Matches page is the new design. For a quicker overview, your matches have been organized in different tabs based on the test level that you match on.

You have two new options for viewing your Y-DNA matches: the expanded Detail View and the condensed Table View. You can toggle between the two views near the top left of the page.

All of the original Y-DNA search and filtering options are still available, and some added new ones. Using the “filter” option at the top of the page, you can view matches with shared family trees, private family trees, or empty family trees. You can also filter on a specific Genetic Distance and find matches in the same Group Project and Test Level.

You can search your match list for a specific Match Name, Y-DNA Haplogroup, or a Paternal Country of Origin.

The new page will also tell you how many markers each match has tested…a much-requested feature. Additionally, the Paternal Country of Origin and the flag are also shown for each match.

Important Tip To Making Connections

Now might be a good time to review the genealogy information that your matches will discover about you. You are more likely to find a connection if you provide some information about yourself!

Under Account Settings, Genealogy and Earliest Known Ancestor you can enter the name of your earliest known ancestor on your direct paternal line (your father’s father’s father’s… line) and also select an appropriate Country of Origin (where that ancestor was born or lived). This information will help your Y-DNA matches, and if you upgrade to Big Y, your ancestral country flag will be shown next to your branch on the Y-DNA Haplotree and the Block Tree.

Ready To Check Out These Updates Yourself?

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