Everyone Has a Story. What’s Yours?

Family Finder is FamilyTreeDNA’s signature autosomal DNA test designed to find relatives on all your ancestral lines within the last five generations, and provides a percentage breakdown of your ethnic and geographic origins. This test offers a wide range of interactive tools that can be used to discover DNA matches, determine ancestry and reveal the migration paths of your ancient ancestors, along with other advanced features.

Family Finder’s myOrigins tool.

Family Finder is our top-selling DNA kit, ideal for those interested in exploring their ethnic origins and ancestry. Both males and females can test their autosomal DNA, so this test is excellent for anyone interested in genetic genealogy, the use of DNA testing to find DNA matches and uncover family history—especially for those just getting started on their DNA journey. Some of the powerful tools within Family Finder include:

  • myOrigins – interactive mapping tool that provides a detailed ethnic and geographic breakdown of where your ancestors came from.
  • ancientOrigins – tool that reveals your ancestors’ migration routes and the amount of autosomal DNA you may still carry from ancient European groups.
  • Family Matching – feature that enables DNA matches to be sorted by maternal and paternal lines when close matches are linked on your family tree.
  • Chromosome Browser – more advanced genealogical tool for comparing matching segments (or blocks) of DNA with your genetic matches.

Benefits of Family Finder

Autosomal DNA testing is the most popular means of testing for ancestry, and our Family Finder test examines the 22 out of 23 pairs of chromosomes (autosomes) not involved in determining a person’s sex. Autosomal DNA testing is most beneficial for matching with relatives (genetic cousins) as well as providing an ethnic and geographic breakdown of where one’s ancestors originated. This test is highly useful for those looking for closer relatives (5th cousin or closer), as well as for adoptees who may wish to find biological relatives or seek out clues to unanswered questions.

Family Finder compares your DNA to everyone with an autosomal test within our massive DNA matching database. Based on a proprietary algorithm that calculates the amount of shared DNA between you and each person, we find and report to you other testers who share a common ancestor within about five generations on either side of your family.

Our Family Finder test can be taken by beginners for fun simply to see who they match with, as well as more advanced genealogy enthusiasts wishing to search for deeper data. An autosomal DNA test can even be considered an investment, as the value of the test itself will continue to grow as more people join the databases and you find more genetic matches. Plus, with FamilyTreeDNA, there is no subscription fee…ever!

Family Finder’s DNA matching feature.

Your DNA Has Met Its Match

Another advantage of our Family Finder DNA test is the ability for matches to connect with one another and work together to find common ancestors by sharing genealogical data. For those who prefer not to have contact with their DNA matches, user account and privacy settings may be updated at any time.

Because autosomal DNA is non-sex, both males and females can take our Family Finder test to help discover DNA matches, determine ancestry and unlock family history. Testing autosomal DNA for genealogical purposes can identify relatives that you may not have previously known about. Many of these cousins will be distantly related, but some may be closer relatives. In certain cases, you may be able to identify surnames or ancestors that you share in common with these matches.

Whatever the reason for testing your autosomal DNA, your Family Finder results are sure to bring excitement and open some doors into your unique family history!


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