Granddaughter Finds Her Roots with mtDNA and Historical Records - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Granddaughter Finds Her Roots with mtDNA and Historical Records

A FamilyTreeDNA customer shares her inspiring journey of uncovering her maternal lineage using mtDNA, autosomal DNA, and Group Projects. Her research led to the remarkable discovery of a connection to one of the King's Daughters.

Multi-Marker Research A Closer Look at the Washington Family Study

Multi-Marker Research: A Closer Look at the Washington Family Study

Join us as we trade in the cherry tree legend for the fascinating task of building George Washington's family tree through advanced genetic analysis.

Revolutionary Study - New Genetic Analysis Traces George Washington's Family

Revolutionary Study: New Genetic Analysis Traces George Washington’s Family

Learn more about the recent study identifying George Washington’s family line through new genetic testing methods.

Recruit Potential Y-DNA Testers From Your Family Finder Match List

Master using Family Finder to identify potential Y-DNA matches and refine research.

Uncovering Surname Origins Mark's Journey with FamilyTreeDNA - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Uncovering Surname Origins: Mark’s Journey with FamilyTreeDNA

Join Mark Bankston as he unravels his family's Swedish heritage, discovering surprising lineage connections. Curiosity led him to a revelation. What will your DNA reveal about your past?

Introducing Y-DNA Haplogroups for Family Finder Customers

This blog is about a new feature that will be added to Family Finder in the coming weeks. Customers with existing Family Finder results will receive an email announcement when the feature is released, as well as an email notification once their haplogroup has been added to their results.

Family Finder Helps Reunite Jewish Family Torn Apart by Holocaust

Holocaust survivor's grandchild uses DNA testing to rediscover lost family.

Visiting My Mother at FamilyTreeDNA: A Story of Love and Genealogy

Discover how storing DNA samples at FamilyTreeDNA allowed me to reconnect with my mother and uncover new insights into my family's history.

GAP Guest Blog - The O'Shea Y-DNA Project and 20 Years of Genetic Genealogy

Group Projects for Irish Ancestry: How DNA Testing and Collaboration Have Benefited Family History Research

Learn how DNA testing and Group Projects have transformed Irish genealogy research with Margaret O’Shea-Jordan.

Newly-identified Male Lineage May Reshape the Story of the First Americans

Revolutionary Discovery: Male Lineage Alters First Americans’ History

An Oregon man discovers his Y-DNA is shared with an ancient man, whose remains were found in Nevada’s Lovelock cave.