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Are you having trouble finding the perfect fit for your family’s genealogist?

We’ve handpicked a bunch of cool and meaningful presents perfect for uncovering those family stories. Whether they’re a seasoned pro or just starting out on their genealogy journey, our gifts are sure to spark inspiration and bring a smile. From fun courses and DNA tools to personalized family treasures, each one is like a ticket to exploring the awesome web of family connections. Give them a gift that’s all about the adventure – the gift of discovery!

Types of Genealogists

Before we dive into our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide, let’s figure out what kind of genealogist you’re shopping for. You wouldn’t want to hook up a beginner with a super advanced course or give a pro something they’ve already got.

To help you score the perfect gift for the genealogist in your life, we’ve laid out a list of different genealogy levels, each with its own tag. Once you’ve figured out your genealogist’s style, just keep an eye out for that tag in this guide for gifts picked just for them!

Beginner Genealogist - The Best Gifts for a Genealogist - 2023 Holiday Guide

Beginner Genealogists: They are working on a simple family tree

For those with limited or no experience in genealogical research, these enthusiasts are eager to discover basic family information and build a simple family tree. They may rely on online platforms or introductory courses for guidance.

Family History Enthusiast - The Best Gifts for a Genealogist - 2023 Holiday Guide

Family History Enthusiasts: They’ve finished 5-8 generations of genealogical research

Having gained some experience in genealogical research, this group understands basic research methodologies. They can navigate online databases, archives, and repositories for records and are starting to explore more advanced topics like historical context and migration patterns.

Advanced Genealogist - The Best Gifts for a Genealogist - 2023 Holiday Guide

Advanced Genealogists: They’ve traced their lineage back several generations and have completed family trees for others

Possessing a solid understanding of genealogical principles and methodologies, advanced genealogists are capable of conducting in-depth research, including accessing and analyzing original records. They may specialize in specific regions, time periods, or types of records. There are also specialties within an advanced genealogist, like professional genealogist, genetic genealogist, Group Project Administrator, and historical context expert.

Professional Genealogist - The Best Gifts for a Genealogist - 2023 Holiday Guide

Professional Genealogists

With extensive experience and expertise, professional genealogists often hold certifications or credentials in genealogy. They may work as professional researchers, lecturers, or writers in the genealogy field.

Genetic Genealogist - The Best Gifts for a Genealogist - 2023 Holiday Guide

Genetic Genealogists

Specializing in using DNA testing and analysis for genealogical purposes, genetic genealogists understand the science behind DNA testing and can interpret results for genealogical research. They often explore relationships, ancestry, and genetic connections.

Group Project Administrator - The Best Gifts for a Genealogist - 2023 Holiday Guide

Group Project Administrators

Serves as a coordinator and facilitator, overseeing collaborative genetic genealogy projects and assisting participants in exploring and understanding their shared ancestry.

Historical Context Expert - The Best Gifts for a Genealogist - 2023 Holiday Guide

Historical Context Experts

Specializing in understanding the historical context of ancestors’ lives, these genealogists research and integrate social, cultural, and historical details into genealogical narratives, providing a richer understanding of ancestors’ lives beyond basic facts.

DNA Testing Kits

Uncover the fascinating tapestry of your family history with FamilyTreeDNA’s autosomal, mtDNA, and Y-DNA testing kits, providing a distinctive window into your heritage and establishing connections with long-lost relatives. Your genealogist will appreciate this gift for its ability to reveal ancestral origins and foster meaningful connections, making it a perfect choice for those passionate about exploring the intricate threads of their family tree.

Family Finder

DNA Testing Kits - Family Finder Perfect For: Beginner Genealogist

Family Finder offers a comprehensive exploration of autosomal DNA, revealing the intricate blend inherited from both parents. This test not only predicts potential relationships up to five generations back but also provides an ethnic breakdown through the myOrigins® tool. The Chromosome Painter visually represents DNA segments, aiding in the identification of ancestral lines.

FamilyTreeDNA | $49


DNA Testing Kits - mtDNA Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

For a direct maternal ancestry exploration, the mtDNA test examines unique genetic markers passed exclusively from mother to child. FamilyTreeDNA’s mtFull Sequence Test provides comprehensive information, including mutations, ancestral origins, haplogroup origins, and a captivating mtDNA Journey video.

FamilyTreeDNA | $129


DNA Testing Kits - Y-DNA Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Tracing paternal ancestry becomes powerful with Y-DNA tests. The Y-37 and Y-111 tests examine short tandem repeat (STR) markers, aiding in pinpointing shared paternal ancestors and uncovering hereditary surnames. For a more comprehensive analysis, the Big Y-700 test combines SNP and STR analysis, offering insights into unique mutations specific to lineages.

FamilyTreeDNA | Starting at $99

Big Y-700

DNA Testing Kits - Big Y-700 Perfect For Advanced Genealogist

For an even more detailed exploration of paternal ancestry, the Big Y-700 test combines single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) and short tandem repeats (STR). This advanced test includes a minimum of 589 additional markers, offering insights into unique mutations specific to lineages, clans, or patriarchal origins. Delve into the intricate migration journey of paternal ancestors with FamilyTreeDNA’s Big Y-700.

FamilyTreeDNA | $399

Gift Cards

DNA Testing Kits - Gift Cards Perfect For Genetic Genealogists

The perfect present for the genetic genealogist in your life to break through brick walls with precision by gifting them a FamilyTreeDNA Gift Card. Recognizing that these enthusiasts often know which test they need, the card allows them to choose from autosomal, mtDNA, and Y-DNA testing kits, fostering a personalized exploration of their ancestral roots with no expiration date. Select the desired amount and design, and the gift card will be conveniently delivered via email or in a printable format for a thoughtful and meaningful presentation—a perfect avenue for the gift of discovery for yourself, friends, or loved ones.

FamilyTreeDNA | Choose an Amount

Group Project General Fund

DNA Testing Kits - Group Project General Fund Perfect For Group Project Administrator

Get your Group Project Administrator what they really want. Support their Group Project by contributing to the General Fund. Your contributions assist in supporting potential members’ tests and contribute to the exploration of ancestral connections. Securely make payments via PayPal or through traditional mail, ensuring your Surname Project details are included.

FamilyTreeDNA | Choose an Amount

Genealogy Software

Genealogy software is a cornerstone for enthusiasts and advanced genealogists alike, providing a digital canvas for tracing family histories. Below are two standout options, each catering to different expertise levels, combining user-friendly interfaces with powerful features

RootsMagic 9

Genealogy Software - RootsMagic 9 Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

RootsMagic, developed by RootsMagic, Inc., is a genealogy program celebrated for its user-friendly design and robust feature set. Beyond a seamless interface, RootsMagic excels in integration with online resources like FamilySearch, supports portability, and even incorporates DNA results. With six main views and an optional sidebar, the program provides comprehensive information on Facts, Events, Names, and more. It caters to beginners with features like Notes, Sources, and Media, while also offering tools for file maintenance and portability via a flash drive.

RootsMagic | $39.99

Family Historian 7

Genealogy Software - Family Historian 7 Perfect For Advanced Genealogist

Family Historian 7 by Calico Pie Limited is acclaimed as a genealogy software that has earned the title of family history software of the year. Developed by Simon Orde’s UK-based company since 1995, this program stands out for its unique features, allowing the input of data directly from diagrams and boasting robust multi-media capabilities. Recognized by Your Family Tree magazine in November 2008, Family Historian is a notable choice for advanced genealogists seeking a user-friendly platform with innovative features. Blend innovation with recognition for a comprehensive family history experience with Family Historian.

Family Historian | $64.95

Genealogy Books

Discover the perfect gift for the genealogist in your life with these recommended books that cater to different levels of expertise. Whether they’re just starting out and seeking foundational knowledge or are an advanced genealogist exploring intricate case studies, there’s a book here that will enhance their understanding of genealogy.

Your DNA Guide – the Book

Genealogy Books - Your DNA Guide - the book Perfect For Beginner Genealogist

“Your DNA Guide – the Book” takes a unique approach to genetic genealogy, prioritizing practical learning over exhaustive theoretical knowledge. Written in plain English, readers focus on specific DNA questions and explore them step-by-step. Drawing on the author’s two decades of experience, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone who has taken a DNA test or is considering one. Whether reconstructing family trees, aiding adoptees, or pinpointing DNA matches, empower yourself with meaningful insights about your family history.

Amazon | $35.19

DNA Testing For Genealogy An Introductory Guide

Genealogy Books - DNA Testing For Genealogy Perfect For Beginner Genealogist

Unlock the world of DNA testing for genealogy with this comprehensive guide. Discover the three pivotal DNA tests available, navigate the offerings of major companies, and explore essential tools and resources to maximize insights from your DNA results. Swiftly gain a deep understanding of genealogical DNA testing and make the most of this powerful tool in unraveling your family history.

Amazon | $9.99

Genetic Genealogy the Basics and Beyond

Genealogy Books - Genetic Genealogy the Basics and Beyond Perfect For: Beginner Genealogist

In the dynamic realm of genetic genealogy, “Genetic Genealogy the Basics and Beyond” emerges as an indispensable and up-to-date resource. Empowering genealogists to leverage DNA testing confidently, this guide offers insights into understanding various tests, deciphering DNA segments, and utilizing DNA when written records fall short. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher or just beginning, this handbook equips you to navigate genetic genealogy and unravel genealogical puzzles.

Amazon | $16.99

DNA for Native American Genealogy

Genealogy Books - DNA for Native American Genealogy Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

“DNA for Native American Genealogy” stands as the first comprehensive guide catering specifically to family historians keen on expanding their Native American family tree through DNA testing. This groundbreaking work provides detailed, illustrated step-by-step instructions on leveraging DNA testing from the four major companies, offering practical insights to advance genealogical research and confirm or identify Native American ancestors.

Amazon | $29.99

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy

Genealogy Books - The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Uncover the secrets of your family history with the most advanced tool available through this newly updated and expanded guide on DNA testing. Written in plain English, it covers the spectrum of available DNA tests, evaluates major testing companies, and assists in choosing the right test for specific genealogy questions. Featuring colorful diagrams, expert definitions, and case studies, this resource is a comprehensive aid for both beginners and those familiar with testing at major companies.

Amazon | $17.29

Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies

Genealogy Books - Advanced Genetic Genealogy Perfect For Advanced Genealogist

“Advanced Genetic Genealogy: Techniques and Case Studies” is a comprehensive guide that propels intermediate researchers to the next level and empowers advanced researchers to apply updated DNA standards effectively. Through real family case studies, readers learn to analyze DNA test results, correlate with documentary evidence, and write about their findings. Explore diverse topics such as triangulating genomes, visual phasing, using X-DNA for ancestral identification, and tackling challenges like adoption and misattributed parentage.

Amazon | $49.95

Who We Are and How We Got Here

Genealogy Books - Who We Are and How We Got Here Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

In “Who We Are and How We Got Here,” geneticist David Reich explores the transformative impact of ancient DNA on our understanding of human history. With groundbreaking insights, Reich reveals the hidden narrative encoded in the human genome, offering a profound perspective on our species’ evolution. Backed by revolutionary findings, this book provides a captivating journey into humanity’s origins and their implications for our lives today.

Amazon | $25.98

The Genealogist’s Guide to Y-DNA Testing for Genetic Genealogy

Genealogy Books - The Genealogist's Guide to Y-DNA Testing for Genetic Genealogy Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

Dive into the fascinating world of DNA testing for genealogy with “The Genealogist’s Guide to Y-DNA Testing for Genetic Genealogy” by David Vance. Demystifying Y-DNA testing, this guide offers insights into paternal lineages spanning hundreds of thousands of years. With a humorous touch and the wisdom of a seasoned genealogist, Vance’s guide promises to be an invaluable reference for anyone looking to unravel the mysteries of Y-DNA.

Amazon | $40.98

Genetic Genealogy in Practice

Genealogy Books - Genetic Genealogy in Practice Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

“Genetic Genealogy in Practice” breaks new ground as the first workbook dedicated to genetic genealogy, offering practical and accessible information for family historians and genealogists. Progressively delve into the testing, analysis, and application of various DNA types, including Y-DNA, X-DNA, mitochondrial DNA, and autosomal DNA. With its unique approach, this workbook serves as an invaluable resource for those keen on integrating genetic genealogy into their research practices.

Amazon | $39.95

Neanderthal Man: In Search of Lost Genomes

Genealogy Books - Neanderthal Man Perfect For Historical Context Expert

In “Neanderthal Man,” preeminent geneticist Svante Pääbo embarks on a compelling journey to unravel the mysteries of human existence by studying the Neanderthal genome. The narrative unfolds from Pääbo’s early exploration of DNA in Egyptian mummies to the groundbreaking sequencing of the Neanderthal genome. A riveting tale of scientific inquiry, providing rich reflections on the essence of humanity.

Amazon | $15.37

Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings

Genealogy Books - Ancestral Journeys Perfect For Historical Context Expert

In “Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings,” Jean Manco presents a compelling narrative that challenges established notions of Europe’s past. Through a multidisciplinary approach, Manco explores the complex origins of Europeans, revealing a dynamic and intricate history. Richly illustrated and thoroughly researched, this book is a must-read for those seeking a deeper understanding of Europe’s ancient roots.

Amazon | $14.43

Family Tree Notebooks

Revolutionize the way your favorite genealogist conducts research with the gift of Family Tree Notebooks’ genealogy-tailored custom sheets. These meticulously designed digital sheets are a game-changer, allowing them to effortlessly print and fill in essential details while navigating the fascinating terrain of family history research. Elevate their organizational approach and make every discovery more streamlined and enjoyable.

The Family Tree Notebooks All-in-One Starter Pack

Family Tree Notebooks - The Family Tree Notebooks All-in-One Starter Pack Perfect For Beginner Genealogist

The Family Tree Notebooks All-in-One Starter Pack is a complete and versatile solution, offering incredible value for beginners. Packed with essential resources, including Low Ink U.S. and International Deluxe Bundles, 40 Best-Selling Pages, Ancestor and Miscellaneous Dividers, and 5 Cover Pages, users receive a comprehensive set of tools. The package also includes a digital copy of Family Tree Notebooks 101, ensuring users have access to valuable knowledge. With bonus guides and comprehensive page lists, this Starter Pack is a one-stop solution, providing users with a lifetime of options to create multiple family history books.

Family Tree Notebooks | $79

Deluxe Family History Bundles

Family Tree Notebooks - Deluxe Family History Bundles Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

This digital download set features a comprehensive collection of 400 printable genealogy pages, with both left-hand and right-hand copies for each page. The Deluxe Bundle, offering 200 printable pages, comes in two versions: one tailored specifically for the USA and another designed for international genealogy pursuits. The pages cover a diverse array of resources applicable worldwide, including templates for Adoption Records, Ancestor Profiles, Cemetery Logs, DNA Matches, Events throughout the year, Family Recipe pages, and much more. Whether you’re tracking Immigration Records, conducting Interviews, or documenting Military Engagements, this bundle provides an extensive range of pages to meet the unique needs of genealogists globally.

Family Tree Notebooks | $39

Complete Family Tree Notebook

Family Tree Notebooks - Complete Family Tree Notebook Perfect For Advanced Genealogist

Unlock a world of genealogical organization and creativity with the Complete Family Tree Notebook! By purchasing the Full Bundle of Notebook Pages, you’ll gain exclusive access to a master folder containing over 2,000 meticulously designed pages. These pages span genealogy worksheets, cover pages, divider pages, photo pages, and beyond—all unified in your favorite color. Your purchase ensures not only present content but also a continuous stream of future additions. Please note that all sales are final, and color exchanges are not possible due to the unique nature of this product. Elevate your genealogical journey with this comprehensive and ever-expanding resource.

Family Tree Notebooks | $300

Genetic Genealogy Bundle

Family Tree Notebooks - Genetic Genealogy Bundle Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

Elevate your genealogy organization with the Family Tree Notebooks Genetic Genealogy Bundle—a collection of ten essential forms in 24 vibrant colors. Designed for both left and right-handed users, these pages feature a left-side margin for easy integration into various binding systems. The bundle covers key DNA testing platforms, including FamilyTreeDNA, offering versatility for both digital and print use. Whether creating a digital notebook in Goodnotes or using traditional print methods, these customizable forms bring a personalized touch to your genealogical journey.

Family Tree Notebooks | $10

Research Reference Guide Bundle

Family Tree Notebooks - Research Reference Guide Bundle Perfect For Historical Content Expert

Streamline your genealogy research with the Research Reference Bundle, offering over one hundred new and exclusive genealogy pages for tracking locality and community-based research. Available in both left and right-hand formats, these pages facilitate the creation of double-sided reference and locality research notebooks. Covering a vast range of topics, from archives and libraries to historical landmarks and local customs, each page is meticulously crafted to aid in comprehensive research organization. This exclusive bundle includes unique additions like “Ghost Story,” “Local Cuisine,” and “Violent History,” providing a well-rounded toolkit for genealogists exploring the broader context of their ancestors’ lives. Elevate your research organization with this comprehensive Research Reference Bundle, unavailable in any other collection.

Family Tree Notebooks | $29

Subscriptions to Genealogy Websites

Give your genealogist the ultimate gift: access to thousands of online records and archives through subscription-based websites. Whether you’re choosing a present for a Family History Enthusiast keen on building a comprehensive family tree or for a Professional Genealogist delving into academic resources for in-depth historical research, these platforms are tailor-made to cater to diverse genealogical needs.

Find My Past

Subscriptions to Genealogy Websites - Find My Past Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Find My Past is a comprehensive genealogy website offering access to a vast collection of historical records, including census data, military records, and newspaper archives. With a focus on British and Irish ancestry, the platform provides users with tools like advanced search features and family tree building to facilitate in-depth family history research.

Find My Past | $59.99

American Ancestors

Subscriptions to Genealogy Websites - American Ancestors Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

American Ancestors, operated by the New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS), focuses on American genealogy, particularly in the New England region. The site provides access to an extensive collection of records, including vital records, probate records, and colonial-era documents, making it a go-to resource for researchers with roots in New England.

American Ancestors | $99.95

The Genealogist

Subscriptions to Genealogy Websites - The Genealogist Perfect For Family History Enthusiast is a UK-based genealogy platform offering access to a diverse range of records, including census data, parish records, and military records. Notable features include their innovative Map Explorer tool, allowing users to trace their ancestors’ lives through historical maps, and their unique Tithe Records collection, providing insights into land ownership and occupation.

The Genealogist | £14.95


Subscriptions to Genealogy Websites - JSTOR Perfect For Historical Context Expert

While primarily known as an academic resource, JSTOR can be a valuable tool for genealogists interested in historical research. It provides access to a wide range of scholarly articles, journals, and books that may contain relevant information for understanding the historical context of ancestors’ lives, especially when exploring social, economic, or cultural aspects.

JSTOR | $19.95

Genealogy Courses

Whether you’re a Beginner Genealogist taking your first steps into the world of family history or an Advanced Genealogist seeking professional-level education, these online courses and workshops cater to diverse skill levels. Explore foundational courses, continuing education opportunities, and specialized programs designed to enhance your genealogical expertise.

Your DNA Guide—the Academy

Explore genetic genealogy with Your DNA Guide, an immersive program providing sustained support and expert guidance. Uncover missing relatives, decode mystery DNA matches, and acquire essential skills through step-by-step instructions. Analyze results from various testing services, including YDNA testing, in a comprehensive program designed to help you confidently master your DNA matches.

Finding Living Relatives

Genealogy Courses - Your DNA Guide_ Finding Living Relatives Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Unlock the secrets of genetic genealogy with the Finding Living Relatives 2-day Workshop on January 19-20, 2024, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm ET. Delve into the top 6 strategies employed by experts to find and identify living relatives, receiving live virtual instruction and Q&A sessions from DNA, forensics, and genealogy professionals. Gain proven techniques for identifying mystery DNA matches, hands-on practice with real-time guidance, and insights into utilizing DNA testing companies, Google, and social media for effective searches. The workshop also provides valuable tips for using people-finding websites, mining digitized newspapers, and includes an inspiring case study. A digital workbook with summaries, practice activities, worksheets, and additional resources ensures ongoing learning and application of newfound skills. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your genetic genealogy journey and gain a deeper understanding of your DNA matches.

Your DNA Guide | $197

DNA Skills Workshop

Genealogy Courses - Your DNA Guide DNA Skills Workshop Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Give the genealogist in your life the gift of mastering DNA matches with the comprehensive DNA Skills Workshop. Now offered as a 10-week learning masterclass experience, this program provides ample time for confident and accurate family tree building using DNA. With an expertly designed curriculum, 13 hours of prerecorded online video instruction, live coaching sessions, personalized one-on-one coaching, and access to an array of resources, participants will delve into topics ranging from using ethnicity results in genealogical research to creating genetic networks for organizing DNA matches. The workshop also includes a special Swag Box delivery featuring essential materials and resources to enhance the learning experience, making it an ideal gift for anyone ready to take their autosomal DNA testing to the next level.

Your DNA Guide | $997

YDNA Course

Genealogy Courses - Your DNA Guide_ YDNA Course Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

Explore the YDNA for Genealogy Course, an in-depth 3-week program running from January 22 to February 12, 2024. Tailored for those seeking to identify biological fathers or paternal ancestors, the curriculum covers Y-DNA inheritance, haplogroups, matching, and practical insights into utilizing DNA testing platforms. With around 6 hours of pre-recorded video tutorials, hands-on case studies, quizzes, and expert-moderated discussions, this interactive course equips you with the skills to interpret and leverage Y-DNA testing effectively. Access to a Y-DNA sample at FamilyTreeDNA is recommended but not required, making this course a valuable investment in advancing your genetic genealogy expertise. Claim your seat now to accelerate your journey in unlocking the secrets of Y-DNA.

Your DNA Guide | $297

National Genealogical Society

Gift the genealogist in your life skill-building and knowledge enrichment with NGS Genealogy Courses, offering flexibility in online learning. From the foundational American genealogy course for beginners to the advanced skills program, NGS provides comprehensive courses at every expertise level. This gift provides diverse opportunities for the genealogist to enhance their expertise and creativity.

Foundations in Family History

Genealogy Courses_ NGS_ Foundations in Family History Perfect For Beginner Genealogist

NGS introduces the Foundations in Family History course, a comprehensive resource for genealogy enthusiasts of all levels. Ideal for DNA test-takers, librarians, and self-taught family historians, this course guides participants through three progressive sections. Foundations 101 focuses on basic principles, including home sources and research planning. Foundations 102 delves into various genealogical records and research techniques, emphasizing information interpretation and analysis. Foundations 103 broadens the experience with advanced record research, repository exploration, DNA basics, and effective research communication. The course, facilitated through NGS’s user-friendly online platform, allows flexible, self-paced learning, making it accessible for individuals with diverse schedules and commitments. Each section features modules with instructional content, quizzes, videos, and assignments, creating a structured and progressive learning experience.

NGS | $335

Continuing Genealogical Studies (CGS) Courses

Genealogy Courses_ NGS_ Continuing Genealogical Studies Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Enhance your genealogical expertise with NGS’s Continuing Genealogical Studies (CGS) courses, each tailored to specific subjects requiring specialized skills. Whether you’re aiming to navigate DNA test results, master the art of transcribing genealogical documents, or explore Federal Land Records, these courses offer targeted knowledge building. From deciphering old handwriting to delving into the roots of African American ancestry, the CGS lineup covers diverse topics. Designed to empower genealogists at every level, these courses provide valuable insights into Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Civil War, and World War I records, as well as guidance for researching 17th and 18th Century German ancestors.

NGS | Starting at $65

Advanced Skills in Genealogy: A Certificate Course

Genealogy Courses_ NGS_ Advanced Skills in Genealogy Perfect For Advanced Genealogist

NGS introduces the Advanced Skills in Genealogy certificate course, catering to the needs of intermediate to advanced researchers seeking professional-level education. Ideal for genealogists aspiring to master key records, receive mentor feedback, and pursue certification or accreditation, the program covers a wide range of methodologies and strategies. With over seven hundred pages of course materials, case studies, and hands-on activities, participants enhance their skills in researching and analyzing genealogical records. The course fosters interaction through virtual bi-monthly class discussions, allowing students to engage with course authors and delve into scholarly articles from NGS publications. NGS’s reputation for excellence in genealogical education continues with this modernized curriculum, equipping researchers to achieve success and pursue their goals in the field.

NGS | Starting at $675

Empowering Genealogists With Artificial Intelligence

Genealogy Courses_ NGS_ Empowering Genealogists With Artificial Intelligence Perfect For Professional Genealogist

Empower your genealogy endeavors with the groundbreaking course “Empowering Genealogists with Artificial Intelligence – Level One.” Designed to revolutionize genealogical workflows, the course delves into the applications and limitations of AI tools such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude. Instructed by Steve Little, participants will explore AI’s potential in OCR clean-up, data extraction, narrative report enhancement, and translation, fostering efficiency and creativity. The four-week online program combines live or recorded 90-minute classes with Q&A sessions, providing a comprehensive understanding of AI’s history, benefits, and future possibilities in the genealogical landscape. Whether a genealogist, historian, or AI enthusiast, this course equips individuals to navigate the evolving realm of AI in genealogy.

NGS | $215

Handmade Gifts

Delight the genealogy enthusiasts in your life with personalized items that celebrate their unique family histories. From family tree charts and engraved genealogy charts to custom-made family history books, these gifts add a meaningful touch to the journey of discovering one’s roots.

Family Tree Charts w/ Blanks You Fill

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Blank Family Tree Charts Perfect For Beginner Genealogist

FreshRetroGallery offers two decorative family tree posters with a printed template for six generations, allowing individuals to create personalized family art. The artistic illustration includes a large oak tree, leaves, acorns, sun, clouds, butterfly, squirrel, birds, and more, giving the chart a retro, vintage, or antique aesthetic. Each chart provides space for recording information about six generations, from children to great-great-great-grandparents. The illustrated blanks include areas for names, maiden names, birth, death, marriage, residence, and miscellaneous details. The design encourages a collaborative approach, where individuals can involve grandparents and gather information about their roots, fostering a sense of responsibility and connection to the past. The sample, dating back to the early 1800s in Norway and Germany, exemplifies the fascinating journey of ancestors and the rich stories embedded in family history.

Etsy | $18.09

Personalized Family Tree Genealogy Fan Chart — COUPLE

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Genealogy Fan Chart for Two PeoplePerfect For Beginner Genealogist

Celebrate your family’s roots with a personalized family tree fan that beautifully captures the union of a central couple. This modern wall art allows for full customization, detailing the couple’s familial origins for several generations. Upon order, you’ll receive a digital form to fill out with family details, and within three days, you’ll receive a high-resolution printable PDF via email. Choose your primary color theme—FOREST, COASTAL, or EARTHY—and download the file to print at a local shop or online service. This unique piece serves as a meaningful and visually stunning way to commemorate the love and commitment at the heart of your family.

Etsy | $25

Family Tree Art Engraved on Natural Wood

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Family Tree Art Engraved on Natural Wood Perfect For Beginner Genealogist

Capture the essence of your family history with a Personalized Family Tree Engraved on Natural Wood. This 8″-9″ Old West Log Wood Plaque is 100% customizable, accommodating 2 to 6 generations of your genealogy chart. An ideal gift for Christmas, this unique piece comes with a gift box option featuring satin lining and an anti-slip iron plate display stand. To order, select your options, generations, and quantity, and provide your family name and generation chart list. Each wood slab, sourced from natural trees, is unique with natural flaws, roughness, and dark spots, adding character to the engraved design. The engraving process involves burning designs onto the wood’s surface, providing a tactile feel to the finished product. Sizes are approximate, and the items come with a sawtooth hanger. After placing your order, expect a proof for approval within 3 business days. Please review the proof carefully, as any mistakes missed during approval will be the buyer’s responsibility. This personalized family tree is crafted with care, ensuring a meaningful and timeless Christmas keepsake for your family heritage.

Etsy | $44

10 Genealogy Charts (8 generation pedigree charts) offset printed on acid-free paper

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Eight-generation Pedigree Chart Perfect For Advanced Genealogist

Capture your family’s history with these high-quality 8-generation pedigree charts, designed for ease of use and durability. Printed on acid-free paper using an offset press, each sheet covers 8 generations with spaces for 256 names. With 10 sheets in total, these charts offer a lasting and organized way to document your genealogy. The 17×22-inch size provides ample space, while the convenient fold to 8.5×11 inches allows for easy storage and mailing. Ideal for family history buffs and professional genealogists, these charts make a thoughtful and practical gift.

Etsy | $29.99

Personalized DNA Results T-shirt

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Personalized DNA Results T-shirt Perfect For Beginner Genealogist

Celebrate your unique heritage with the Personalized DNA Profile T-shirt, perfect for enthusiasts of FamilyTreeDNA, Ancestry, or 23 and Me. The grunge/distressed text adds a vintage touch, but if you prefer regular text, simply mention it in the personalization box. Showcase your genetic makeup by adding up your percentages, creating a distinctive and meaningful design. As a bonus, favoriting this item and accepting emails from Etsy grants you a 20% off coupon. Embrace your roots and share your genealogical pride with this custom DNA profile t-shirt.

Etsy | $20

“In My Genealogy Era” Genealogy T-shirt

Customized Genealogy Gifts - _In My Genealogy Era_ Genealogy T-shirt Perfect For Beginner Genealogist

Celebrate the love for genealogy with this retro genealogy era shirt, perfect for enthusiasts or as a thoughtful gift. Printed on a high-quality Comfort Colors brand tee, it becomes even softer with each wash, ensuring comfort and style. Embrace the nostalgia of genealogy exploration and make a statement with this unique and cozy shirt – ideal for yourself or the genealogy hobbyist in your life. Don this tee to showcase your passion for unraveling family histories in a retro-inspired fashion.

Etsy | $21.70

Personalized Family Tree Mug

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Family Surname Mug Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Commemorate your family’s heritage with a unique mug showcasing your ancestors—an ideal gift for various family occasions, from holidays to reunions. Personalize the mug by adding your surname and the first names of ancestors on a particular branch of your family tree. Alternatively, include your own name along with all the surnames on your family tree that led to you. Another option is to feature your name and the diverse places your ancestors lived. Celebrate your roots with this custom mug, making every sip a reminder of your family’s rich history.

Etsy | $19.95

Genealogist Definition Coffee Mug

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Genealogist Definition Coffee Mug Perfect For Advanced Genealogist

Indulge in the charm of this elegant Genealogy Coffee Mug, a perfect and enduring gift that speaks to individual uniqueness. Crafted from high-quality ceramics, this 11oz or 15oz mug offers both durability and style. Ideal for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays, it stands out with its Genealogist Definition, making it a unique and amusing present for genealogy enthusiasts. With superior ceramic inks ensuring a permanent, fade-resistant imprint, this mug is a delightful way to celebrate family history and relationships. Shipped from the USA, it arrives in a custom-made package, guaranteeing its perfect condition.

Etsy | $15.16

There Are No Limits In Your Genealogy Research Coffee Mug

Customized Genealogy Gifts - No Limits Genealogy Coffee Mug Perfect For Advanced Genealogist

This premium ceramic tea or coffee mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe, ensuring durability and convenience. You can confidently wash and re-wash without concerns about fading. With a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE, the seller stands by the quality of their mugs. The inventory is regularly updated with fresh designs, and personalized orders or special requests are welcomed. The mugs feature double-sided printing with the standard design, but personalized text can replace one side if chosen.

Etsy | $15.95

Family History Book Template for Canva

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Family History Book Template for Canva Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Craft a timeless family history book with ease using the Classic Family History Book Template for Canva. Tailored for genealogy enthusiasts, this template offers 52 professionally designed pages ready for customization with your family photos and stories. With 19 unique layouts, including front cover, timeline, family tree, and photo galleries, the template ensures a visually captivating keepsake. Accessible in A4 and US Letter sizes, it’s compatible with both Free and Pro Canva accounts, allowing you to personalize colors, fonts, and more. Receive a bonus mini-course for additional guidance, making it perfect for preserving your family’s legacy, whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just starting your journey.

Etsy | $37.80

Family History Card Game – Creation Instructions & Artwork

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Family History Card Game Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Welcome to AncestryAimee’s Genealogy Hints! Elevate your family’s engagement with genealogy through this instant DIGITAL download. Delve into your ancestors’ stories in an enjoyable way with this card game. Whether you play memory, go fish, or invent your own game, these playing cards offer a unique twist to family history exploration. Your purchase includes the featured card back artwork as a JPG and comprehensive step-by-step instructions spanning 11 pages. These instructions guide you through the process of creating your personalized family history game on MakePlayingCards. Simply download the files, follow the instructions, and embark on a journey to discover your family’s roots in a delightful gaming experience!

Etsy | $4.99Make Playing Cards | Starting at $0.99

Personalized Family Heritage Keepsake Box

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Family Heritage Keepsake Box Perfect For Advanced Genealogist

The Family Heritage Keepsake Box offers a secure and organized space for preserving cherished family heirlooms and photographs. Whether you’re retiring, inheriting precious items, or downsizing, this keepsake box, built on the foundation of the Vault All-in-One Organizer, ensures the safety and display of important documents and objects. Featuring custom-dyed fabric lined with acid-free paper, the Vault provides an all-in-one solution for preserving your family’s legacy. The addition of over 50 individually-illustrated labels guides you in what to save and where to find it, making it an ideal introduction to Savor’s keepsake boxes at an accessible price point.

Etsy | $110

DNA Chromosome Throw Blanket

Customized Genealogy Gifts - DNA Chromosome Throw Blanket Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

This Chromosome DNA design, an original artwork, is skillfully reproduced on a cozy throw blanket featuring a vibrant array of hand-painted chromosomes in pairs. The design is available with a choice of three background colors—black, light blue, and purple. You can opt for either a lightweight or sherpa version, each offering a distinct feel. The lightweight blanket has a pressed texture during printing, so it is recommended to wash it before the first use to regain its form. The ink used in printing is certified with the OEKO-TEX Eco Passport, ensuring a product free from harmful substances. The blanket is made of 100% polyester and measures 50″ × 60″. It boasts a soft silk touch fabric, with printing on one side and a white reverse side for the lightweight version or a tan reverse side for the sherpa version. It is machine-washable for easy care.

Etsy | $36

Got It From My Mama Mitochondria Vinyl Sticker

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Mitochondria Vinyl Sticker Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

Designed as a statement piece, these weatherproof and dishwasher-safe stickers are made from transparent matte vinyl, ensuring they adhere seamlessly to laptops, cell phones, tablets, reusable water bottles, mugs, glassware, lab benches, and more. Express your passion for science and display these quirky stickers that ship within 3-7 business days. Embrace your nerdy identity and stick them on your favorite items, sharing your love for scientific endeavors.

Etsy | $3.95

Phylogenetic Tree Pin

Customized Genealogy Gifts - Phylogenetic Tree Pin Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

Show your love for phylogenetic trees with the Phylogenetic Tree Lapel Pin. Measuring 3/4 inch, this pin features a detailed design on brass with hard enamel and gold plating, making it a stylish accessory for hats, jackets, ties, and lapels. The pin is secured with a single nail on the back and a military clutch. Display your appreciation for genetic genealogy with this unique and elegant lapel pin.

Etsy | $13.99

Genealogy Tours or Events

Consider the gift of a Genealogy Tour or Event as an ideal present for the genealogist in your life. Imagine the joy of exploring ancestral roots through curated experiences, connecting with heritage in places that resonate with family history. A genealogical journey provides a unique opportunity to delve into one’s past, offering a thoughtful and meaningful gift for those passionate about tracing their familial origins and cultural heritage.

Legacy Tree Genealogists Heritage Tours

Genealogy Events and Tours_ Legacy Tree Heritage Tours Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

Uncover family histories with a global team of genealogists covering 150+ countries, adept at navigating language barriers and discovering ancestral details. Whether planning a heritage tour to English, Jewish, Italian, or Irish roots, they excel in locating ancestral hometowns. Heritage Travel Plans provide personalized guides, sharing insights on ancestors’ homes, churches, and life events, enhancing the travel experience. Completed in 4 to 5 weeks, these digital plans ensure a seamless heritage tour. As the top genealogy research firm globally, individuals can trust their expertise for a profound ancestral exploration. Interested parties can reach out for a free estimate.

Legacy Tree | $950

RootsTech 2024

Genealogy Events and Tours_ RootsTech 2024_ In-person Ticket Perfect For Family History Enthusiast

RootsTech 2024 is the largest genealogy conference in the world. Organized by FamilySearch, this event brings together genealogists, family historians, and technology enthusiasts from around the globe. It offers a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts, discover the latest genealogy tools and technologies, and connect with a vibrant community of individuals passionate about family history. Whether you’re a seasoned genealogist or just starting your journey, RootsTech provides a valuable and inspiring experience. Stay updated on event details and registration information on the official RootsTech website.

RootsTech | $109

DNA Analysis Tools

Surprise the genetic genealogist in your life with the perfect gift—DNA Analysis Tools. These cutting-edge tools open a world of possibilities, allowing enthusiasts to delve into their genetic makeup with precision and insight. From comprehensive analysis of DNA segments to advanced mapping and clustering features, these tools empower individuals to unravel complex genealogical connections and identify common ancestors. A gift that combines science and heritage, DNA Analysis Tools provide an exciting avenue for exploration and discovery, making them an ideal choice for those fascinated by the intersection of genetics and genealogy.

Genetic Affairs

DNA Analysis Tools_ Genetic Affairs Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

Genetic Affairs, developed by Evert-Jan Blom, is a valuable third-party tool designed for genetic genealogy enthusiasts. Operating through the Genetic Affairs website, it seamlessly integrates with platforms such as FamilyTreeDNA and 23andMe, while also supporting products from other vendors like MyHeritage and GEDmatch. Unfortunately, Ancestry has issued a cease-and-desist order, restricting access to Genetic Affairs and similar third-party tools for their customers. Genetic Affairs offers a suite of tools, including AutoCluster, AutoFastCluster, AutoSegment, AutoTree, AutoKinship, AutoPedigree, and a hybrid AutoSegment. These tools play a crucial role in grouping DNA matches into clusters, aiding users in identifying common ancestors and unraveling complex genealogical connections. Despite challenges with certain vendors, Genetic Affairs remains a powerful asset for genetic genealogists, particularly in cases of unknown ancestors or assisting those with undisclosed parentage.

Genetic Affairs | $5

DNA Painter

DNA Analysis Tools_ DNA Painter Perfect For Genetic Genealogist

Enhance your genealogical research with the robust features of DNA Painter, offering powerful tree visualizations and DNA imports. While DNA Painter is available for free, a subscription unlocks additional capabilities, allowing you to create multiple chromosome maps, benefit from bulk import of shared DNA segments, generate extra trees, and import all generations from your GEDCOM file. With a subscription, you can create multiple trees for various ancestors, visualize DNA inheritance paths, and explore different chromosome mapping approaches with up to 50 profiles. Identify trends, import custom segment lists and match lists, and enjoy the flexibility of bulk-adding new matches—all at the cost of a monthly cup of coffee.

DNA Painter | $55

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