You’ve been sitting on a list of a while lot of names for years under your mtDNA Matches. Who are they? How far back are the relationships? What do they tell you about yourself? What is the meaning of life? We can answer 3 of those 4 questions!

What is mtDNA?

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is passed down almost unchanged from a mother to her children, allowing you to trace your maternal ancestry using our advanced mtDNA tests and the world’s largest mtDNA database.

New Personalized Video

With this in mind, we’re very excited to release a personalized video for absolutely everybody in our system who has tested to the mtFull Sequence level! Mitochondrial DNA, or mtDNA, can sometimes be seen as one of the more esoteric tests. It’s sometimes more hard science. One of the more nitty-gritty, advanced, somewhat more nuanced tests we offer. Navigating through them has historically been somewhat of a chore: until today.

Based on the first test we ever offered open to everybody back in 2000, the next logical step is here!

What’s In It?

From the confines of your living room to your ancient past, this new animated video helps break down the basic concepts of your mtDNA results with your specific story in mind. Bringing to life the origins of your journey are easier to digest and more personable. A customizeable, personal walk through is a great supplement to the wealth of data accrued from your mitochondrial DNA tested.

Choose Your Avatar

If you already have mtFull Sequence results, sign into your kit, and you’ll find a new mtDNA Journey tab from your main mtDNA Menu. From here, we’ll need for you to choose your avatar and fill in a little info about yourself. Once complete, sit back and let the magic of personalized animation meet genetic genealogy to transform your mitochondrial history into a relevant retelling of your past.

If you’ve had a particularly stressful day, grab some coffee, kick on some light tunes, and let an animated version of yourself take it from there.

A sample video is below. Let us know what you think!

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