The Start to Donna’s DNA Journey

Donna B’s FamilyTreeDNA story begins when Donna was 18 years old. Her high school sweetheart was sent to serve at a military base near the Indian Ocean, and they decided that before he left, they would get married and have a baby. Nine months later, she gave birth to a daughter.

Donna as a teenager

When her husband returned, they had another child, a son. Though the marriage didn’t last, her kids were her number one priority. When Donna’s daughter was 38 years old, Donna decided to take a DNA test with FamilyTreeDNA, and both of her children tested as well.

Because Donna was adopted, she wanted to learn more about her family history. What came back was completely unexpected. Her children were not full siblings. Her daughter had a different father than the man she had married when she was young. Donna B’s FamilyTreeDNA story finally starts to make more sense.

Donna today

Unexpected Results

Immediately, Donna realized what had happened. She was dating another man around the same time she decided to get married and have a child. She knew she had to tell him, so she tracked him down and informed him that he had a daughter. He was thrilled to hear the news, and he and his new daughter hit it off immediately.

Donna’s daughter and her new half-sister

The biggest surprise of all? He already had a daughter of his own–and the two girls look just like one another!