Come See Us At RootsTech 2020

This Wednesday through Saturday, February 26-29, FamilyTreeDNA will be at RootsTech 2020 in Salt Lake City! Come see us!

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2019 Review Of Big Y

The Big Y-700 product upgrade that was announced in the start of 2019 has proven to be a great success. Learn More.

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New Product: mtDNA Journey Videos For mtFull Sequence

We're very excited to release a personalized video for absolutely everybody in our system who has tested to the mtFull Sequence level!

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Big Y-700: The Forefront of Y Chromosome Testing

Our recently released Big Y-700 test provides even greater coverage of the Y chromosome. This allows us to detect even more mutations. As a result, all branches of the great tree…

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Press Release: Helping Connect The Dots

In 2000, when Bennett Greenspan, President and Founder of Gene-by-Gene Ltd. and FamilyTreeDNA, launched FamilyTreeDNA as the first direct-to-consumer DNA testing company, he never…

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Family Finder is our top-selling DNA kit, ideal for exploring ethnic origins and ancestry. Both males and females can test their autosomal DNA, so this kit is excellent for anyone…

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Should I Join A Group Project?

A Group Project is a collaborative way for people to work together using their FamilyTreeDNA test results to explore and compare common genetic heritage.

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Jeff’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

Jeff and his brother both decided to take a DNA test, and that's when Jeff's FamilyTreeDNA story begins to reveal some surprises.

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Ivy’s FamilyTreeDNA Story

When Ivy was 20 years old, her mother told her that she was conceived through a hospital-run sperm donor program in New York.

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