New Product: mtDNA Journey Videos For mtFull Sequence

We're very excited to release a personalized video for absolutely everybody in our system who has tested to the mtFull Sequence level!

Big Y-700: The Forefront of Y Chromosome Testing

Our recently released Big Y-700 test provides even greater coverage of the Y chromosome. This allows us to detect even more mutations. As a result, all branches of the great tree of mankind are becoming further refined.

Tested With Another Company? Upload Your Data For Free!

You're sitting on a mountain of discovery and may not even know it. Have you tested with AncestryDNA™, 23andMe©, or MyHeritage™? If the answer is yes, you're eligible to upload your results to FamilyTreeDNA for free!

Hello Journey Seekers!

We're not just genetics. We're not even just genetic genealogy. We are a family. We are FamilyTreeDNA...