Historical Events Give Life to Your Ancient Connections Cover

The New “Events” Mini Feature in Discover

Explore the newest mini feature in Discover. Events brings context to the ancient connections on your Y-DNA line.

Three Important Takeaways From RootsTech 2023

It’s been one month since the genealogical conference ended, and we’ve learned quite a bit. Here are three things we at FamilyTreeDNA learned from RootsTech 2023.

Group Project Administration Series: Shifting Your Mindset on Genealogy

David Vance, an administrator of many groups, details a metaphor for how DNA testing can help people find the answers they're looking for in their ancestry.

Early Contributions to DNA Studies from Rosalind Franklin and Florence Bell

Jeremy Balkin explores the history of two famed women scientists whose discoveries in DNA paved the way for our current understanding.

New DNA Analysis Uncovers Mysteries Around Beethoven’s Paternal Line

A recent study of Beethoven’s hair reveals new information about his direct paternal line.

The Stumpff Lock in a laboratory at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Germany. Image credit: Anthi Tiliakou.

FamilyTreeDNA Works With Cambridge University Team To Uncover New Health and Genetic Information About Beethoven

New DNA analysis of Beethoven's hair opens new theories about the composer's health and genetics,

Managing DNA Results for Multiple People - FamilyTreeDNA

Two Ways To Manage Test Results With FamilyTreeDNA

Learn more about the different ways you can manage DNA results for someone who has tested with FamilyTreeDNA.

The Hadley Society DNA Project: 2022 in Review

Learn how the Hadley Society accomplished goals in 2022, and how their findings help guide them in 2023.

With Ötzi, That's 5,000!

FamilyTreeDNA Has Added 5,000 Ancient Connections to Our Database

With 5,000 ancient connections within our database, we are able to track ancient haplogroup migrations.

Big Y-700 Confirms African Ancestry For “Old Jock” Perkins Family

Laurie Constantino shares her journey about validating Old Jock Perkin’s african ancestry through documented research and DNA testing.