Recruit Potential Y-DNA Testers From Your Family Finder Match List

Master using Family Finder to identify potential Y-DNA matches and refine research.

Big Y Lifetime Analysis The Myth of the Manual Review - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Big Y Lifetime Analysis: The Myth of the Manual Review

All Big Y testers receive a lifetime analysis of their results. Learn more about the process of a lifetime analysis and what that means for your refined Y-DNA haplogroup.

Goth Talk: The True Origins of the Goths Revealed

A recent ancient DNA paper examining the Goths and their origins is out, but not the ones you might be thinking of.

FamilyTreeDNA October 2023 Town Hall

Recently, FamilyTreeDNA employees attended a town hall to review everything that had happened in the third quarter of 2023. So we'd like to review it with you guys as well.

Understanding Surname Spelling Variations On Your Family Line - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Understanding Surname Spelling Variations on Your Family Line

Explore our analysis on surname spelling variations, revealing the historical factors that triggered these changes, providing valuable insights to use in your genealogy research.

Connecting Past and Present: Tracing Formerly Enslaved Ancestors Through DNA Testing

Explore the intricate world of genealogy with expert Samantha Jones. Uncover DNA testing insights and trace your roots back to enslaved ancestors.

FAQ I Need Help Accessing My Kit - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

FAQ: I Need Help Accessing My Kit

Facing FamilyTreeDNA access issues? Get the assistance you need to regain control of your kit and data.

Globetrekker, Part 3 We Are Making History - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Globetrekker, Part 3: We Are Making History

The third part of the Globetrekker series reveals parallels in ancient history and DNA migrations.

The Resilient Sephardic Jewish Legacy in Hispanic Culture - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

The Resilient Sephardic Jewish Legacy in Hispanic Culture

Explore the intricate history of Sephardic Jewish heritage, the Diaspora, and its lasting influence on Hispanic culture and the Americas.

Uncovering Surname Origins Mark's Journey with FamilyTreeDNA - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Uncovering Surname Origins: Mark’s Journey with FamilyTreeDNA

Join Mark Bankston as he unravels his family's Swedish heritage, discovering surprising lineage connections. Curiosity led him to a revelation. What will your DNA reveal about your past?