Group Project Administrator Series: Every Day Is Different

Experience what it is like to be a Group Project Administrator from the perspective of Martin McDonald, an administrator from North of Ireland.

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Testing Your Roots

For National Roots Day, follow along as Jim Brewster explains the importance of DNA testing when it comes to documenting your roots.

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Hanukkah, O Hanukkah

Get ready for Hanukkah with Jeremy Balkin, our Customer Service Manager.

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Top 17 Genetic Genealogy Books To Add to Your Wish List

Explore a curated list of genetic genealogy books to add to your gift or wish list.

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Family Stories: Ode to My Grandma

In honor of National Roots Day coming up on Dec 23rd, we invite you to read this touching memoir written by a grandson to his grandmother.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2022

If you’re unsure which test to order for friends and family, FamilyTreeDNA's holiday gift guide will help clear up the confusion.

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Discover Your Ancestral Path

Discover how FamilyTreeDNA Discover's newest tool can help you learn more about where your ancestors came from.

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How to Use DNA Testing to Uncover Your Native American Ancestry

Learn how to use DNA testing and family history to determine your Native American ancestry.

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The Role of DNA in Reuniting Families

Hear from 325Kamra about how they use DNA to reunite Korean families separated by adoption and how you can help.

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Genes and Screams: Spooky Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 3

Do you feel the power of the moonlight? Does it sound like fun to dance in the forest? You might be related to a witch.

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