What Really Happens to Your DNA Sample After You Swab?

You’ve just swabbed your cheeks and sent your DNA off to FamilyTreeDNA. What happens next? Jim Brewster takes you step by step through the process.

DNA Day: Honoring Scientific Ingenuity and Pioneering Discoveries

Why do we celebrate DNA Day? Our CSR manager, Jeremy Balkin, gives his take on the holiday and what advancements in DNA mean to him.

Historical Events Give Life to Your Ancient Connections Cover

The New “Events” Mini Feature in Discover

Explore the newest mini feature in Discover. Events brings context to the ancient connections on your Y-DNA line.

Early Contributions to DNA Studies from Rosalind Franklin and Florence Bell

Jeremy Balkin explores the history of two famed women scientists whose discoveries in DNA paved the way for our current understanding.

With Ötzi, That's 5,000!

FamilyTreeDNA Has Added 5,000 Ancient Connections to Our Database

With 5,000 ancient connections within our database, we are able to track ancient haplogroup migrations.

African Ancient DNA

What Can You Learn About Your Own Life From African Ancient DNA?

Learn more about where we all originate from, Africa, in this piece from Miguel Vilar in honor of Black History Month.

Ancient DNA Samples from Scandinavia Blog Cover (2)

How Do You Compare to New Ancient DNA From Scandinavia?

Are you connected to the samples from the new study out of Scandinavia? Take a look at each sample and discover for yourself.

Ancient DNA Highlights of 2022

Ancient DNA Highlights of 2022

2022 was a big year for ancient DNA. Here’s a summary of some of the important discoveries.

Genes and Screams: Spooky Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 3

Do you feel the power of the moonlight? Does it sound like fun to dance in the forest? You might be related to a witch.

Genes and Screams: Spooky Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 2: Vampires

Garlic and holy water may have kept people safe when a vampire was near, but how do you keep safe when one appears in your family tree?