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How to Change Your FamilyTreeDNA Order [FAQ]

Need to change your order? Learn what to do if you ordered a test on the wrong account, shipped a test to the wrong address, or ordered a new test that was supposed to be an upgrade.

FAQ I Need Help Accessing My Kit - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

FAQ: I Need Help Accessing My Kit

Facing FamilyTreeDNA access issues? Get the assistance you need to regain control of your kit and data.

FAQ Do I Need To Swab Again if I Upgrade My DNA Test - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

FAQ: Do I Need To Swab Again if I Upgrade My DNA Test?

You probably don't need to swab again, but if you do, make sure you're taking the right steps before upgrading your DNA test.

Unlock Your DNA To Achieve Precision Health and Reach Your Fitness Goals

Jeremy Balkin highlights how myDNA Wellness supported his health and wellness journey, helping him achieve his goal weight.

The Importance of Intergenerational Relationships by Jeremy Balkin - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Reflecting on the Importance of Intergenerational Relationships

Join Jeremy Balkin as he shares his view on bridging the generation gap and fostering meaningful relationships with older family members.

Genes and Screams: Tales from the Hallotree | Chapter 1: Mummies

Take a look at real mummies and how they influence our genetics and spooky traditions as part of our Halloween series, Genes and Screams.

Why DNA?

Genetic genealogy is an anomaly. It combines one of the oldest practices of humanity with one of the newest.

A Single Story

Genetic genealogy is still a brand new thing. We are all unknowingly mapping out a singular story for all of us.

Tips for Giving Thanks

This year, if you find yourself at an awkward Thanksgiving Dinner, it can be helpful to understand how family/friends/loved ones are all connected to you. Family is often about fitting into a complex puzzle, and our differences are more reason to connect even more.