What’s New in Ancient DNA and Ancient Discover Connections-Featured Image

What’s New in Ancient DNA and Ancient Discover™ Connections

Read about the latest in ancient DNA research with new insights from Mayan, Neolithic, and Late Roman periods, integrated into FamilyTreeDNA Discover.

Introducing the discover classic tree for y-dna

Introducing the Discover™ Classic Tree for Y-DNA

Learn about the Discover Classic Haplotree for Y-DNA, the newest tree from FamilyTreeDNA.

Multi-Marker Research A Closer Look at the Washington Family Study

Multi-Marker Research: A Closer Look at the Washington Family Study

Join us as we trade in the cherry tree legend for the fascinating task of building George Washington's family tree through advanced genetic analysis.

Revolutionary Study - New Genetic Analysis Traces George Washington's Family

Revolutionary Study: New Genetic Analysis Traces George Washington’s Family

Learn more about the recent study identifying George Washington’s family line through new genetic testing methods.

Globetrekker, Part 3 We Are Making History - FamilyTreeDNA Blog

Globetrekker, Part 3: We Are Making History

The third part of the Globetrekker series reveals parallels in ancient history and DNA migrations.

Discover the Intriguing Paternal Lineage of Michael Jackson: Unraveling His Ancestral Roots

Discover the origins of the Jackson industrious spirit and paternal line as Sherman McRae delves into the King of Pop’s Big Y-700 connection.

Globetrekker, Part 2 Advancing the Science of Phylogeography

Globetrekker, Part 2: Advancing the Science of Phylogeography

The second part of the Globetrekker series, focuses on how phylogeography was incorporated into the new Discover tool.

Globetrekker, Part 1: A New FamilyTreeDNA Discover™ Report That Puts Big Y on the Map

How did your paternal line ancestors trek across the globe? Find out with Globetrekker, a new FamilyTreeDNA Discover report for Big Y test users.

Unveiling New FamilyTreeDNA Discover™ Features: Explore Your Haplogroup History with Personalized Reports

Discover the latest enhancements in FamilyTreeDNA's Discover™ platform! Uncover your ancestral history with personalized reports, new Y-DNA haplogroup features, and exciting updates. Explore your heritage and connections with ease.

New Discoveries in Ancient DNA: Xiongnu, Iberia, and Deer Tooth?

Explore the latest research on ancient DNA from the Xiongnu Empire, Paleolithic Iberia, and a Central Asian deer tooth. Discover the diversity of these lineages and how they fit into your genealogical research through FamilyTreeDNA's Discover™ tool.